Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Update Partial Fix at Best

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Update Partial Fix at Best

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet owners, here’s some good news for you — the company has come up with a new update for your tablets, following in the wake of the inadequate, to say the least, December 10, 2013 update — still, the new update is a partial fix, at best.

The update that Microsoft came out with today is a partial fix, designed to address some of the problems that arose with the unfortunate December update. One of these problems was that the update drained in the life of the battery, if users could install it at all.

Users of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet either saw an error codeĀ (80070490) when they attempted to download the update, or if they were were able to download it, they then experienced a drastic drain on the life of the battery of their devices.

Some benefits that the December 2013 update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet was offering included more stability to the system, even when full-screen games were minimized; an improvement to the Wi-Fi driver so that the display would look better and it would be easier to access Wi-Fi; improvements in the power-saving “sleep” aspect of the tablet; and better color fidelity and improved audio.

The December update was pulled by Microsoft when consumers soon flooded the company with complaints about the update drastically affecting the battery life of their devices. What had been meant to be an answer to problems that consumers had with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets became a problem in itself.

The current update hasn’t been available for very long at the update site for the Surface Pro 2 tablet, but many users are already reporting that it’s available and that they’ve downloaded and installed it successfully.

However, Surface Pro 2 tablet owners weren’t given details about what problem(s) that the update was meant to address; they were just informed that it was an update. The update is not meant to fix the problems that the December update was designed to address. Microsoft is still working on a further update to resolve those problems. Today’s update just addresses the sleep/wake function and the problem with the battery life getting drained too rapidly.

According to a Microsoft spokesman, the company is “working hard to address the remaining Surface Pro 2 items from the December Windows Update.” If you own a Surface Pro 2 tablet and have not downloaded the update yet, go to the Windows Update site and you can download it there now.

On January 14, Microsoft released an update for the Surface Pro 2 tablet which was for Surface Pros running Windows 8.0. Then, on January 15, the company released an update for Surface Pro 2 tablets which had Windows 8.1 installed in them. These updates were meant to address battery draining problems resulting from the Type and Touch covers of these devices.

Some users have already mentioned that, while the update has addressed some of the problems, if you attempt to “cold boot” your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet with a microSD card, doing so will still result in an excessive amount of CPU consumption.

Please let us know in the comments area below if you have been able to successfully download the update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets, and if it has addressed the problem of the wake/sleep function without draining the battery of your device. It’s a partial fix, but it’s a step in the right direction, if it has addressed these two problems.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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