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Those who love Microsoft Windows XP will be disappointed to hear that the patch work is going to be removed. The support is going to be for Windows 7, Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 9 instead.

Microsoft announced that from April 8, 2014, Windows XP will no longer receive any patch work. That means all the security vulnerabilities and bugs after the last patch will remain forever. This will be disappointing for the 30 percent of users who still opt for the 13-year-old operating system. It could also spell disaster for a few systems out there.

The news should not be new to most. Microsoft announced the decision back in June 2008, which would give users plenty of time to change over to something newer. The aim is to move everyone onto Windows 8, but many still prefer the original Start Menu design. Windows 7 will be the most convenient and user-friendly option for many.

While the date has been set in stone for the last six years, many cash machines are still using the veteran system. Microsoft Windows XP is the choice for around 95 percent of machines in the United Kingdom according, to the Daily Mail. There are no figures for the rest of the world. The issue is that these old machines do not have the capabilities to run Windows Vista, let alone any of the newer options. It will be a difficult time for business owners once the Microsoft Windows XP patch work support is removed.

Most devices will need to be upgraded considerably before a new operating system can be added. Others will need to be completed removed and replaced. Either way, businesses are looking at costly changes that they have been trying to avoid for some time.

There is good news for customers at these cash points, though. It will mean that the systems should be quicker and will get rid of the large buttons that sometimes stick. Touchpad machines are a possibility, which is something Diebold, a security firm in Ohio, has developed. However, customers should expect some delay and inconvenience while changes are made.

Despite removing the patch work support, Microsoft Windows XP will still receive some malware support. The malware scrubbing program will be available for an extra year after the patch support is removed. This scrubbing program is known as the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) and targets malware that is big at the time of each monthly update. However, there is no confirmation about how it will do this, as it is usually through patches and upgrades to the operating systems. It is possible that users will need to download the upgrades themselves, rather than receive them automatically.

MSRT is not something to use instead of antivirus software. It removes the malware that has already gotten into the computer, rather than prevent it from getting through.

Those who still use Windows XP will be better looking for a operating system that will still receive support. Patch work support being removed for Microsoft Windows XP means that users will not have the protection against security issues on the computers, which could be dangerous for any personal and confidential information stored on systems.

By Alexandria Ingham


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