Miley Cyrus Gets a Taste of the British Snub


Long gone are the days of Hanna Montana,  who caught the imagination of parents and kids alike to follow Miley Cyrus as an ideal example while growing up. Her fortunes seem to have turned to a different planet altogether; Cyrus is now even getting a taste of the royal snub from the British Prime Minister who has completely banned his children from watching any of her events on T.V.

Current British Prime Minister David Cameroon must have got a wind of all the activities that Miley Cyrus has been in news for, and may have found it inappropriate for his kids to follow her example.

This revelation was highlighted in a recent news release in The Telegraph. He is believed to have expressed his displeasure at watching the now in-famous twerking by Miley Cyrus on TV. Interestingly, he also reiterated the fact that like many other children across the planet, his kids were also a fan of the character Hannah Montana played by Miley Cyrus earlier.

However, the British premier added that the kids aged between three and nine are unable to comprehend the fact that Hannah Montana no longer exists in the their fantasy world and the new face and phase of Miley Cyrus is hardly recognizable to the children.

Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley became an overnight worldwide sensation with her Disney character “Hannah Montana” at the age of 12. Miley pulled off her character like a charm and her singing and acting abilities soon made her into a teen idol with countless fans spread across all ages. Her camaraderie with Billy Cyrus on the show, where he played Miley’s manager, was always the high-point for many alike.

However, the lovable teen’s transition to her current twerking image has shocked and left many people, especially her die-hard fans, in total disarray.

That Cyrus’s current avatar is not to taste for many parents across the globe is very well-known; however, when the person of the stature of British Prime Minister David Cameroon gives her such a royal snub, then it’s time to for many, including Miley, to sit up and take note.

Cyrus has been at receiving end of many critics; however, the unfavorable comments has never deterred this gutsy girl from making her own statement time and again. She knows how to stay in the limelight and she knows how to keep herself trending most of the times.

Miley Cyrus  tasted success at very young age and has been in the limelight ever since. However, she may have lost two young fans from the 10 Downing Street to her growing popularity in the wrong twerking direction.

The royal snub may be just another one in the growing list of criticism that Miley Cyrus is has gotten used to; however it remains to be seen whether she manages to win her place back in the hearts of the two young British fans she just lost because of the royal snub, as well as the many more who she will keep losing.

By Daris Abraham



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