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Miley Cyrus Music Videos Too Racy for French Daytime TV [Videos]

Miley CyrusThe French broadcasting watchdog is putting its paws down firmly and saying “no” to provocative music videos by Miley Cyrus and other female artists, during daytime TV viewing hours.  Seems that the overly sexual antics by Cyrus, particularly, are off-putting, even to the notoriously sexy French.

The French watchdog is particularly referring to the music video Wrecking Ball, showing Cyrus naked and writhing on a giant steel wrecking ball and provocatively licking a sledgehammer, but every video she brings out these days is, to say the least, sexually explicit.

They now state unequivocally that any music videos of this nature are officially banned from daytime TV in France and cannot be aired by the TV channels before 10 p.m., as they are not appropriate for younger audiences.

It seems some channels have been broadcasting Cyrus’ ultra-naughty music videos during the day without a parental guidance warning, which they say is officially a no-no, or to be more linguistically accurate, “non, non.”

Interesting to note that it is not just Miley Cyrus – in fact, any female artist, trying to hang on to their fame using sexual shock tactics and acting too racy, will be affected by the French TV daytime viewing ban.

Miley Cyrus
Britney Spears in her “Work B****” music video.

A perfect example is Britney Spears and her Work B**** music video, which shows her all dressed up for bondage, and busy whipping a whole load of female dancers.

Mais non, say the French, saying that “a sadomasochistic universe representing women in a way that risks shocking many viewers” is just not allowed.

So far, this ban will probably do little to stop Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Co. from using their sexually explicit tactics, however.  Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video has generated around 475 million views on YouTube and Spears’ little sadomasochistic episode has brought in almost 71 million views, so who cares if it is not on TV?

On the Wrecking Ball side of things, it seems that a fellow female songstress, Sinead O’Connor, was very concerned on learning that Cyrus was apparently “inspired” by her 1990 music video Nothing Compares 2 U.

It is easy to imagine how someone like O’Connor, who doesn’t really have to do sexual stunts to show that she has talent, could be upset by referrals of that nature.

Here is O’Connor’s music video, which inspired Cyrus to her Wrecking Ball antics, for your viewing pleasure.  Definitely a lot more classy and not a lolling tongue in sight:

It seems she even wrote an open letter to Cyrus, imploring her “don’t let the music industry make a prostitute of you.”

She wrote that she was very concerned that anyone may have led Cyrus to believe that it is “cool” to appear naked and lick sledgehammers in music videos.  She stressed that by doing this, Cyrus was allowing herself to be “pimped”, whether by her own actions, or at the prompting of the music industry itself.

O’Connor urged Cyrus that nothing but harm could come from this in the long run.  Allowing herself to be exploited sends the wrong message, saying that by acting this way, it sends the message that you are to be valued more for your sexual antics than for your actual musical talent.

Getting back to Spears, it seems her video was banned right from the start from being broadcast on the UK music channels before 10 p.m.  The broadcasters apparently asked for a very much censored version before even considering the music video for daytime viewing.  So it seems France is only now catching up.

Despite the popularity of these videos on YouTube, maybe Miley Cyrus and Co. had better start thinking of cleaning up their act a little, seeing as its too racy for French Daytime TV.  Just in case you haven’t seen them before, you can now watch the two offending videos by Cyrus and Spears below (even if it is before 10 p.m.).

By Anne Sewell


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