Nokia Stakes Claim Over DSLR Killer

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The Microsoft OS powered Nokia 1020 has staked claim to be a DSLR killer that will rule the photography world next. A commercial released recently extensively portrays the pitfalls of using bulky DSLR cameras and humorously engages the viewer into accepting the positives of ditching DSLR for its Nokai Lumia 1020.

The claim however is not without teeth. Nokia Lumia 1020 has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from users. The reviews have taken exceptional note of the camera capabilities of the phone and have given a thumbs-up to the picture and video clarity captured with it. And thankfully, the feedback has only improved after the black firmware update made by Nokia.

The update targeted the phone’s capturing capability by enhance natural colors in every click and to ensure greater detail in the pictures with reduced noise. There has been a visible change in the quality of the pictures and the update has managed to delight Lumia 1020 users.

The intention behind the commercial is also very clear. Nokia wants users to experience first-hand the PureView camera capabilities of its 41MP Lumia 1020. And to achieve the desired results, it backs itself with idea of the need to completely let go of the bulky DSLR forever.

It makes references to the various uncomfortable instances of using heavy DSLR cameras especially during visits to tourist destinations. It shockingly also questions the very sense behind carrying DSLR cameras in times when better options like Nokia 1020 is available. Inconvenience caused by tripods and heavy lenses falling off from a photographer’s hand has been shown with humorous panache.

The voice-over is the cherry on the top and seems to follow the style for all satirical videos and trailers released in the past few years. The slow narration by the narrator seamlessly grips the viewer to watch the complete video non-stop.

The highlight of the commercial is, however, the reported claim of it being entirely shot using the Nokia 1020 video recording capabilities. Reviewing the quality of the video posted, it seems that Nokia has upped the ante over its competitors including DSLR manufactures with all its stakes on a killer camera phone.

The ex-mobile phone giant must be looking forward to regaining the crowning glory it lost to Apple and Samsung after ruling the world mobile phone market for more than a decade. In the recent years Nokia has been unable to catch up to the pace of both Apple and Samsung in terms of innovative products being released from its factories. The vows continued for Nokia when several of its models released were ignored by consumers in favor of Android powered mobile devices.

Whether DSLR giants like Canon and Nikon have any reason to worry is debatable. However, comments from seasoned DSLR users against the commercial can give an idea about the feedback it has received. The general views regarding Nokia having a DSLR killer has been as humorous as the claim itself and experts are laughing it off as just any another commercial stunt. Nokia it seems still has a long way to go before it can stake claim at the top of the market and over consumer’s imagination yet again.

By Daris Abraham


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