Nuclear Weapons Come to Light

Nuclear Weapons

In this day and age, the factor between American and Russian nuclear weapons has come to light.  Americans utilized the more modern conventional weapons, whereas the Russians have had interests more towards the nuclear weapons which are massively destructive and hold extreme security value.

Although Russia may have different views on tactics during global conflicts, Russia has been simulating United States military organizations. This is an attempt to establish similar strategies. People may wonder why the US is attempting to minimize Russian nuclear potential by interesting them in spending more on weapons such as tanks and ships, unmanned aircrafts and cyber command, instead of on nuclear weapons. In many cases, the nuclear factor is well underestimated. It is influential to understand that avoiding nuclear weapons is avoiding war. The Russian nuclear factor has perpetuated global peace; realizing nuclear retaliation can stop any nation from attacking.

After the atomic bomb explosion in 1949, the Soviet intelligence had gone through substantial measurements in order to master the US nuclear programs much like the 1950’s cases of espionage. At the time the US had a nuclear safeguard to deter Soviet retaliation.

According to General Leslie R. Groves, the limited resources needed to transform the theoretical design into a tangible weapon could take up to 15 to 20 years. Soon after this belief, the Soviet military technology had been widely introduced and at the time called the “revolution in military affairs.

Debated by Soviet strategists and theorists in 1970, concerns surfaced if it was rational to utilize such weapons due to its widespread destruction, considering massive nuclear violence would be “committing suicide”. The end decision determined that nobody would win in a nuclear war as it would head directly to the eradication of humanity. Those concerns are not the matter at this time.

The effects of nuclear fallout could be devastating. Nuclear weapons come to light even further if a fallout situation can be imagined. If the US were to receive an estimated attack of on hundred weapons which has the same effect as one million tons of TNT, 20 percent of the population would be killed though he blast, heat, ground shock, and radiation effects. An Attack with one thousand weapons would annihilate half of the US not including the fires, the incapability of anyone receiving medical attention, and downwind fallout.  Even Survivors could be in extreme danger due to radiation hot spots contaminated by radiation isotopes that can linger up to five years. Infants and children are highly susceptible to absorbing radiation into their thyroids causing cancer or other damage. The aftermath results in leukemia, cancers of the thyroid, lungs, breasts, bones, birth defects, and development and growth damage.

As the nuclear weapons factor comes to light, the nations of the world have three options. They can live in a type of world where nations fear other nations who have or want nuclear weapons; they can prevent those nations from utilizing nuclear weapons by applying military force; or they can create an international pact including incentives to persuade them to cease the operation and production of nuclear weapons programs, capping the nuclear potential.

By Brittany Varner-Miller


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