Pamela Anderson ‘Feels Liberated’

Pamela Anderson

It’s a natural human tendency to change the outer appearance once a person reaches a certain age. This is most certainly true for Pamela Anderson, who stated in a recent interview that she “feels liberated.” The former Baywatch and Home Improvement actress decided to trade her long tresses for a pixie haircut. Ever since her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, fans have been bustling about Andersons’ new image. Many reports say Anderson looks younger and more vibrant. In addition to changing her style, Anderson has rekindled her relationship with ex-husband Rick Salomon and remarried him recently. Anderson and Salomon were previously married in Oct. 2007, but the marriage only lasted for two months. Fans were stunned to see a sparkling diamond wedding ring on her finger at the 3rd Annual Sean Penn & Friends Help Haiti Home Gala.

In a recent interview, Anderson shares how she feels about her pixie haircut. According to an interview in New York Magazine, Anderson said she feels great and the hair cut feels healthy. Anderson also says she was getting bored with her hair and that it’s a symbolic thing to get rid of the past and move forward. Later in the interview, Anderson also makes a connection between her hair and sense of self. Anderson expresses her hair has always been a part of her personality, and that she hid behind her hair. It wasn’t until later in life when she realized she’s okay with herself and to stop hiding behind her hair. Anderson said she cut her hair not for everyone else, but for her. She says she was ready to step out from behind her hair and change her image. Anderson also said she now “feels liberated.”

Anderson is not the only woman in history to cut her hair. Most women want to change their outer appearance for a number of reasons, but there’s one main motive why women like Anderson decide to go for the big chop. Psychology experts validate Anderson’s explanation stating it is a reflective response. A reflective response is the act of changing the outside appearance to match the inward personality. Experts continue by stating when any woman decides to change her outward looks, she is in effect snapping out of her mood, and realizing she has to do something about it. With Anderson all smiles in recent pictures, especially with her husband Salomon, it seems that she’s happy and content with herself.

Part of the recent transformation was not only Anderson’s haircut, but also her makeup. Fans quickly noticed how her makeup looks natural and flawless. In addition, her fashion style is different from how it used to be in the 1990’s. Reports have also stated that Anderson’s kids are also happy about her transformation, and they like her new haircut and self-image. Anderson has admitted she feels liberated and want to continue down that road. She finally accepts herself for who she is and will not change. The transformation took place from the inside-out and Anderson is showing the world that she is content.

By Bridget Cunningham


NY Magazine

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