Patience Bristol Gets Away With Millions

Patience Bristol charges dropped

It can be a family’s worst nightmare when the caretaker Patience Bristol is court appointed to care for their loved ones only to steal from them and their family. In Nevada several families have now not only experienced that nightmare but will see no justice for the crimes. After going to court over several charges brought against her, Nevada Guardian Patience Bristol is now getting away with the millions she stole.

If a person were to visit the website and type in the name Patience Bristol they would find over fifty reports of Bristol’s crimes against the elderly and disabled. Bristol, a Nevada guardian hired to care for many families, and her former boss Jared Shafer, have made an excellent team in scamming the elderly over the course of a decade.

A recent article by the Guardian Liberty Voice showed that Patience had been arrested for the 20 counts of theft and robbery against the elderly and disabled patients that she was appointed by the court to care for. While there were no charges brought against Jared Shafer or anyone else who may have been involved, two weeks ago Patience began trial for the charges where 19 charges were dropped and she was only held accountable for one charge. A plea bargain is being arranged for this one charge.

Because of this lack of justice it seems that Patience Bristol is and will continue to be getting away with stealing millions in money and property from the families she was supposed to care for.

Not only is she getting away with stealing from the patients she cares for but according to reports made by the families during the course of care, patients are not fed, not allowed to go to the bathroom, left in filthy living conditions, drugged (in some cases), and not allowed to be seen by any family or friends. Families say that their loved ones are being forced to remain in the state of Nevada. Some reports have even been made of patients going missing or suddenly having severe health problems when their condition was good before care. Several reports have even been made against Bristol for sexual harassment.

The companies that Bristol has been a part of are Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada (a company run by Jared Shafer), Keep You Company, Guardianship Solutions Inc., Jump for Joy Care, Oasis Home Health Inc., and now a newly created name AVID. These companies and many of the employees that work for them, including Patience, are suspected to be involved in the mistreatment of and crimes against many families. Jared Shafer also reportedly owns three private nursing homes in the state of Nevada.

Some of the other members who may or may not be involved with Patience Bristol are Jared Shafer, Claire Shafer (Jared’s wife), Amy Deittrick, Holly Montano, Danica Csukor, Judge Chuck Hoskin, Commissioner Jon Norheim, Alan Freer and many lawyers.

With all of the evidence that has been brought up against all of these people and all of the lawsuits and court cases many families expected to see justice for their loved ones but unfortunately evidence keeps disappearing and court cases keep being dropped.

According to sources, Patience Bristol and other involved suspects are also operating in surrounding states.

For Don, Drew, Marry, Bruce, Julie, and the many other victims hurt by the works of Patience Bristol and Jared Shafer, reports continue to be made and will hopefully one day be heard. Until then, it seems that Patience Bristol is still getting away with millions.

By Crystal Boulware


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