Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume Reveals a New Kind of Who

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume Reveals a New Kind of WhoThe BBC has revealed the first images of Peter Capaldi’s new costume for Doctor Who, but just what kind of Who is he set to be?  Capaldi, who was named publicly as the Doctor last year during a BBC special event, is described in the press release as wearing a dark blue Crombie coat with a red satin lining, dark blue pants, white shirt and black doc martens.  Eagle eyed fans have been speculating about the layer under the coat, which could be a waistcoat or cardigan.  The whole look is similar in style to Matt Smith’s costume, which he wore for his final episodes on the show, but with a more modern edge. Comparisons have already been made to the first and third Doctors; the longer coat and cardigan was rocked by the first Doctor and the flash of red lining is somewhat reminiscent of the third Doctor, without the Dracula-esque theatrics.  The posture of the released image shows Capaldi, sans screwdriver, with a look that seems to depict him as a kind of magician.  Capaldi has commented on the look stating, “He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past.” He went on to describe his idea of the character as being an entirely “Rebel Time Lord.”

Producer and writer for the hit show Steven Moffat has also promised a pricklier Doctor, similar in temperament to William Hartnell, who took the role when the show first aired in 1963. Moffat has been quoted as saying that Capaldi will be an “older, trickier and fiercer” Doctor. Moffat may be drawing on Capaldi’s previous role as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, who is known for his extremely grumpy temperament. Moffat was quoted after the reveal of Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who costume as saying “Capaldi is suited and booted and coming to get you!” which certainly sounds like he is wishing to push the character into different kind of territories.

Fans were also surprised to discover that Capaldi will be using his native Glaswegian accent in the role. This came as a shock to some. David Tennant, who played a previous incarnation of the Doctor from 2005-2010, had to drop his Scots accent for a more neutral English one.  It was well-known at the time that Tennant had wished to keep his natural voice, so for some it appears that Capaldi is getting special treatment. But Moffat has defended this decision stating that it was made to make Capaldi a stronger, more interesting character.  Moffat leaked that it made sense in the world of the show for Capaldi to keep his accent due to the deep connection between the Doctor and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), a Scot herself. Moffat reasoned that Gillan was the last person to see the Doctor before he regenerated, thus the accent has carried over into the new incarnation.

Peter Capaldi New Doctor Who Costume

Capaldi is a long time fan of the show. In his first interview after it was revealed he had the role, he stated that he felt Doctor Who was in his blood.  When the show aired its very first episode, he was five years old and he has followed it ever since.  For him, Who is as big as the Beatles.  He has even held previous roles on both Doctor Who and sister show Torchwood, a fact that has confused some fans.   Moffat has hinted that he will explain somehow why there are two previously existing Capaldi’s the Who universe.

Thus fans can expect a new kind of Doctor, one who looks his age a little more, but nevertheless retains the oddball spirit that the character has become known for. The newly revealed costume of Peter Capaldi gives a hint as to what kind of Doctor Who he will become. Fans have already caught a glimpse of Capaldi during the 2013 Christmas episode, which had 10.2 million viewers. Filming for the hit show has already begun and episodes should be released later this year.


By Sara Watson


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