Peter Capaldi Reveals Doctor Who Costume

Peter CapaldiThe Doctor Who costume for Peter Capaldi has finally been revealed. The 12th Doctor of the hit TV show will have a classic modern style, befitting of the Rebel Time Lord.

The Time Lord has always been known for strange, interesting and amusing clothes. In the past, there have been multicolored scarves, unique hats and cricket jumpers. Recently, the actors seemed to take a few steps backwards to a more “normal” style to show off a reasonable fashion sense. Christopher Eccleston chose a simple leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans combo, while David Tennant had a suit, trench coat and Converse. The most outrageous garment was Matt Smith’s fez.

The dress sense for each Doctor has always matched the personality and feeling that each one demonstrated, based on previous actions. It makes sense for Capaldi to opt for a classic modern style, but have an air of darkness around him. It also makes sense to take a slight step back in time with the dress code to match the aging Doctor. Capaldi is the joint oldest Doctor the show has seen, being the same age as the first Doctor when he made his debut.

Capaldi made his initial appearance in the 50th anniversary special, back in November 2013, but it was just a quick glimpse as every Doctor appeared on screen. Some of the Doctors came back for their appearances while others were included through use of archive footage, since some of the actors were no longer alive. The 12th Doctor’s next appearance was during the Christmas special, where he remained in the clothes that Matt Smith’s character originally wore. He only appeared for the last 30 seconds or so, before the series closed until the fall return. Today has been the first reveal of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who costume.

The Scottish actor will take to the screen in a costume designed by Howard Burden. It consists of a Crombie coat in dark blue, with a red lining, trousers to match the coat and a white shirt. From the pictures, there also seems to be a dark blue waistcoat, or cardigan, underneath. Will he wear Converse like his 10th counterpart? Definitely not! The Rebel Time Lord, as he calls himself, will wear Dr. Marten shoes.

Capaldi definitely seems happy with his new costume, saying that it involves “no frills, no scarves, no messing, just 100 percent Rebel Time Lord.”

The cast and crew have already been back together for four weeks in Cardiff shooting for the new season. One of the shots included Capaldi on horseback, wearing a Victorian nightshirt. It indicates at least one episode will be set in Victorian England, which makes sense considering the number of times the Time Lord has gone back to this time period.

Luckily, there have been no reported accidents on set, yet. However, Capaldi has not been without incident in other roles. He has been filming the BBC drama The Musketeers, where he got caught in a co-star’s time-period dress and dislocated his thumb. Hopefully, Capaldi won’t have such bad luck in his newly revealed Doctor Who costume.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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