Plastic Surgery and Fake Testicles Go to the Dogs

Plastic Surgery and Fake Testicles Go to the Dogs

Plastic surgery for pooches has taken regular grooming to the next level.  Beyond the weekly bath, trim and fancy bows, painted nails, tattoos and piercings are just a few of the options available to pet lovers.  Furry friends have no limit in options when it comes to upkeep and beauty.  Extra attention is undoubtedly bestowed upon the newly groomed canine with trips to the mall and the park.

Dedicated pet owners around the world will stop at nothing to keep their pets happy with toys, treats, good food and comfortable beds.  Custom made clothing such as rain coats, sweaters and sports jerseys come in every size and style.  Providing good health care and emotional stability for their beloved pet, sometimes involves extreme measures such as plastic surgery and even fake testicles.

Cats are generally immune to extra pampering, although special treatments are also available.  Hours of brushing is not unheard of and complete domain of the household is accepted.  Dogs, on the other hand, are a whole other breed.  Anywhere from teeth whitening, teeth straightening, tummy tucks, liposuction and surgeries have become a normal procedure for some lucky dogs.

It has been reported and widely believed that animals have emotions, self-esteem issues and can become depressed.  Improving their overall well-being, beyond the usual feeding and walking, has been taken to a new level with plastic surgery done for both cosmetic and health reasons.  Surgeries for pets may or may not be covered by pet insurance, but owners have been known to spend well over $10,000 in some cases.

An older dog, for example, may lose weight and end up with sagging skin.  A simple tummy tuck for the pooch will get rid of the pouch and provide a happier life for the furry friend and less worry for the owner.   Also, in rare cases of disease, extra skin or other problems may require plastic surgery to correct the issue.  A couple in the UK spent close to $13,000 in recent years to correct their bloodhound’s eyesight due to sagging skin on his face.  They invested in multiple surgeries for the whole package of a new and improved pet.

Some pet owners have put their dog under the knife of plastic surgery to correct floppy ears.  A mesh implant is used in this case, only requiring a short outpatient visit.  Extra wrinkles can be removed easily, much like a human, with the use of Botox and face-lifts.  It is all available for pets as well, but at a price.

Real or perceived self-esteem issues seem to occur more often when a male dog is neutered.  By no choice of their own, they suddenly are left without a vital part of their being.  Spaying of a female usually is no worry to the pet owner and is reportedly a calmer procedure and recovery.  If the male dog in question is without its usual parts, it is said that they may become depressed, losing their natural drive and domain.

Plastci Surgery and Fake Testicles Go to the DogsFor that very reason, plastic surgery becomes an option.  Implanting fake testicles, actually prosthetics, is a good way for the dog to feel normal again.  The 1995 invention by Gregg Miller has become a popular plastic surgery option for dogs lacking their parts.  Neuticles, as they are called, can cost as much as $1000 a pair, but may prove invaluable in the long run of happiness for the dog and their owner.  The silicone implants can easily become a natural extension for the dog’s overall well being.  Kim Kardashian even opted for this procedure for her boxer, Rocky, back in 2011.

Neuticles have been routinely implanted in over a half a million dogs with excellent results.  Many veterinary clinics agree to the procedure, but it can be costly and involve risks as any surgery does.  Any plastic surgery to human or beast can result in adverse effects and risks from anesthesia and full recovery.

Is it necessary or just an option of choice?  The American Veterinary Medical Association and The Humane Society choose to remain neutral on the ethical and practical means for the procedures, leaving the final decision up to each pet owner who may opt for surgery, including fake testicles.  Some vets agree though, especially for show dogs, the expression and natural poise can be a winning factor.  Plastic surgery has gone to the dogs in a whole new way, as money will buy whatever makes one happy.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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