Purdue School Shooting Suspect Arrested


Purdue was the scene of a brutal school shooting and police have a suspect in custody who was arrested in West Lafayette, Indiana, according to USA Today. The university said that the shooting took place in the electrical engineering building on campus Tuesday morning, the University revealed to the press. Allegedly, one man with a gun entered a classroom in the basement of the university and began firing upon students, reportedly killing one individual.

Police told reporters that the gunman had most likely targeted this one person and did not shoot anyone else. After shooting the individual, the gunman calmly walked outside and turned himself in. The shot victim was a teaching assistant, the campus paper reported.

The shooting at Purdue took place around noon and Purdue Police Chief John Cox told members of the press that the shooter didn’t take any other actions after the shooting. He walked outside and turned himself into a local police officer in West Lafayette. Purdue Provost and Cox confirmed this information Tuesday afternoon in a news conference.

Purdue was put in a state of alert and campus shutdown mode during the incident and was lifted a couple of hours after the incident. Purdue did not immediately release the names of either the victim or the shooter, according to reports from the Los Angeles Times and others.

Cox said withholding information about them is critical to the investigation right now. The Purdue school shooting suspect that was arrested is in custody, but motive remains unclear at this point in the investigation. Cox added that he did not struggle while being taken into custody.

Gov. Mike Pence also released a statement on the shooting at Purdue, saying that the incident was a tragedy and that condolences go out to the family of the victim and all of those in the Purdue community. He also commended the police department at the university. He added that Indiana State Police were now handling the case and investigation.

The electrical engineering building at Purdue remained closed for the day, but other classes resumed and other buildings opened up for use on campus. The campus has been deemed safe, according to a report from Reuters.

Gun control has been a hot issue in U.S. domestic politics as school shootings become more frequent. A New Mexico middle school was the source of major headlines just days ago, when a 12-year-old boy walked into Roswell’s Berrendo Middle School and fired a shotgun with the stock sawed off at students in a crowded gymnasium just before classes started that morning.

The recent shooting will be added to the gun control advocates list of brutal school shootings that include Newton, Columbine, Virgina Tech and many others. The movie theater shooting in Colorado was another incident that fueled the debate on gun control in Washington and in the news. Reuters reported that a student was shot and critically wounded at Widener University near Philadelphia and last week,  two students were shot at a Philadelphia school while another was shot in a New York school. The Purdue school shooting suspect that was arrested will be another example for those advocates to battle the NRA and pro-gun ownership advocates.

By Rob Lawson

USA Today
LA Times

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