Purdue University Shooting a Tragedy

Purdue University Shooting a Tragedy

The shooting at Purdue University that has left one dead is a tragedy, said Indiana Governor Mike Pence who finished his official statement by saying, “Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of the victim and to everyone in the Purdue community.” This statement was issued earlier today in response to the shooting that caused fear among students at the Purdue University.

The shooting that claimed the life of one male student took place today around noon and occurred as one gunman seemed to target the male student in the basement classroom of electrical engineering. According to reports the shooter took the life of one unidentified male and then walked out of the building where he turned himself into police minutes later.

The scene at Purdue University was nothing short of chaotic earlier today as students feared for their lives at receiving a warning from school officials telling them to seek shelter in place. Social media went haywire as rumors of several armed shooters and pictures of police officers searching the school were posted. Despite rumors police stated that there was only one gunman and one victim, believed to be targeted, after searching the school following the shooting took place. School officials shortly gave the okay for students to be released and declared the campus safe though further action was taken on the students behalf.

Purdue University announced that classes were being suspended for the remainder of the day as students will be later given the opportunity to seek counseling in several places on campus. A candlelight vigil is set to be held today, on the 21st, at 8p.m. in honor of the tragic shooting at Purdue University. But even though the shooting is over some students still have not found relief as question remain unanswered.

This is because the reason for the crime is still unknown and neither the identity of the shooter in custody or the victim who was killed have been released. Police continue to investigate with the full cooperation of Purdue University police and officials. Police Chief John Cox of Purdue University made a comment on the matter saying, “We need to let the investigators do their job so we can make sure everything is done right.” Purdue police and investigators are working together in hopes of solving the crime quickly and ensuring a safe campus for students to continue their education.

But even if answers to the tragic shooting are released the security of students at schools and universities everywhere continue to be unresolved. Over the past several months there have been many school shootings that have left dozens of people dead. With the tragedy of the Purdue University shooting the debate over gun control is only receiving more fuel to the fire. While today’s instance only took the life of one victim, families of shooting victims are suffering across the nation and not only are school shootings at large but many other public shootings have also taken place in recent months.

Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, New Mexico and many other areas have suffered from a major shooting tragedy and now with the most recent shooting in Indiana fear is only increasing for American citizens. Many are now fighting for gun control laws and hoping to receive a response before the next tragic shooting occurs.

As more information is released to the public concerned citizens will hopefully know the reasons for why the shooter took the life of the victim, though answers will never be enough for the victim’s family.

By Crystal Boulware


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