Recall Alert on Dangerous Finger Slicing Strollers and Rattles, Pacifiers

Parents have been alerted that there is a recall on the extremely dangerous baby strollers that slice off fingers. There is also a separate recall on pacifiers and a faulty rattle. The strollers being recalled are made by Britax. The strollers have caused broken fingers, deep lacerations and amputations of fingertips.

The recall involves 225,000 of the strollers. The hinge on the strollers can cause these injuries when the button for the release is pushed and the strap is pulled up. The folding mechanism is particularly hazardous. Britax is asking consumers to immediately quit engaging in the use of the strollers.

There are three different styles of this stroller being recalled. The strollers are the single and double B-Agile, BOB Motion and B-Agile Double. Black, kiwi, navy, red, sandstone and orange strollers are all at risk.

Various retail stores across the country sold the strollers. Online companies such as Amazon, Toys R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Al Bee Baby and also sold the strollers. The Britax strollers being recalled were up for sale between May of 2011 through June of 2013. The price of the strollers ranged from $250.00 up to $450.00. A free repair kit is being offered through the recall.

The recall alert is not only on extremely dangerous finger slicing strollers. The alert is also warning parents of faulty pacifiers and a rattle. The pacifiers can be found on the website Fred and Friends. The pacifiers in question are the Chill Baby Artiste, Chill Baby Volume and the Chill Baby Panic. Small parts pose a choking danger. The ventilation holes on the Volume and Panic style are too small for use on the guards of the pacifier. These pacifiers have been sold since April of 2013. A refund will be given and a receipt is not mandatory.

The rattle that is being recalled can also be found on the Fred and Friends website. It is called the Buff Baby Rattle. The rattle creates a choking hazard for kids due to the end caps coming off. This releases small parts that pose a large threat. The rattle has been available for purchase since 2011. Upon return of the rattle, a refund will be given. The receipt will not be necessary.

Consumers and retailers are being asked not to sell or resell any recalled items. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues alerts to keep the public as safe as possible. They provide regulations and guidelines to help ensure that the products consumers purchase are risk free.

All of the items listed have been issued a recall as of January 30, 2014. Anyone with any questions may contact customer service on each individual website. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is also available by phone, email or through their website.

The directory of regulations that govern the sale of products can be found on the CPSC website. There is a list of the latest recalls along with recalls from previous months. Safety guidelines and product reports are also available. The latest recalls have been put into place to alert the public of the extremely dangerous finger slicing strollers. Pacifiers and rattles are also creating a health hazard. Recalls are announced as soon as an item is discovered to be harmful to the public. Anyone at anytime can check the CPSC website to determine if a product is deemed safe or dangerous.

by Saki Kahala


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