SAG Award Winner Dame Helen Mirren Has Spirit

SAG Award Winner

SAG Award winner, Dame Helen Mirren, has spirit both on and off the screen. With an air of confidence, the 68-year-old donned dramatic red lips at the event, but the look was anything but old. It is just another example of  Mirren’s fearless and elegant style. She even went so far as to tell the SAG audience that rather than feeling “saggy” at age 68, she feels “perky.” In her stunning black and gold Escada gown, she accepted the award for outstanding actress in a miniseries or film.

This screen legend’s spirited personality is not limited to the SAG stage. It is also demonstrated by her tiny tattoo by her left thumb. The star symbol was inked when she was much younger while touring on a stop at an Indian Reservation.  Mirren has said that now she is completely repulsed by the mark. It is not because of the tattoo itself, but rather because it no longer sets her apart from the crowd, and is too conventional for her taste.

At the early age of 20, Mirren was frustrated with the way her career was going, so she sought advice from a hand reader. He told her that she would have to wait 20 years before reaching the peak of her success. With Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and SAGs under her Dolce & Gabbana belt, Dame Helen has a treasure trove of awards to remind her of her achievements.

While the British actress has portrayed Queen Elizabeth, and an attorney in the Phil Spector biopic (for which she just won the SAG award), Mirren has been known to wear stripper shoes on the red carpet.  Underneath her stoic character, there’s a frisky side. When accepting Emmys in 2006 and 2007, she lifted her teal gown to show off her secret weapon – a pair of six-inch high platform plexi shoes – more appropriate on an exotic dancer or Shauna Sands, than on an award-winning sovereign. Purchased on Hollywood Boulevard, she made the tacky stripper heels look fitting for the red carpet.  In Women & Home magazine, she stated that she adored how the plexi-stilettos made her legs “look unbelievably long.”

SAG award winner Mirren also loves going from queen to bad-ass. In fact, she appeared nude in the 2003 film, Calendar Girls. On the role, she commented that people are not interested in church pictures, but that “flesh sells” and moviegoers want to see nudity.

At age 66, Dame Helen won “Body of the Year,” from the gym chain L.A. Fitness’s poll surpassing Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Brook and Elle MacPherson. Though more subtle, the spirited Mirren continues to push the envelope. At the BAFTA awards in 2013, she showed up in bubblegum pink hair instead of her usual silvery blond, stealing the red carpet moment and having fun.

Not afraid of fashion, the SAG award winner defies the dowdy old woman image. Often dressed in Dolce & Gabanna, the award-winning actress out-shined Rita Oro in October, 2013 with a red lace number. She was a sensation.

Whether Dame Helen Mirren wins an Academy Award for best performance or the best bod in the world, this SAG award winner continues to have a spirit that is unrivaled.

By Dawn Levesque


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