School Shooting in South Carolina Leaves One Dead

school shooting

Another American school shooting, this time at a college campus in South Carolina leaves one student dead, according to sources. Law enforcement are actively searching for four suspects in the university shooting.

The victim’s name has not been released. A campus-wide lockdown was lifted at South Carolina State University but with limited access. A person of interest was identified but their name was not released to the press either. Football player,  Brandon Robinson, 20, of Orangeburg was shot to death in the incident. The university president issued a statement saying that it was sad for everyone at the university and that Robinson was “a very nice young man.” Counseling is being provided for students at staff at the university. University Police Chief Mernard Clarkson announced that students at the university were safe now that the perimeter has been secured after the bloody school shooting.

The university police are not sure what led to the school shooting but they want to question their person of interest. The school shooting happened on a campus of about 3,200 students, the New York Times noted.

It was obviously emotionally trying for those there at the campus. The president, Thomas Elzey was desperately trying to hold back tears during his response to the school shooting.

The Daily Herald reported that the school has traditionally been an African American university about a 45-minute drive south from Columbia, the state capital of South Carolina. The school shooting in South Carolina leaves a bad picture in the minds of residents there after one student is announced dead. The governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley said she would assist the university in any way she could.

South Carolina State University was also the scene of another grizzly campus school shooting, in which 22-year-old Jonathan Bailey was shot dead. That case involved a drug deal gone wrong, the Daily Herald reported.

The lift put onto the school’s grounds was lifted by 6:00 p.m. The school shooting took place around 1:30 p.m. Clarkson said officials may know who fired the weapon, but that information has not yet become available to the public. Police believed the suspects left the campus, but Merkson said they sought to be prepared in the event they came back to the university, USA Today reported.

USA Today noted that another university just across the road from South Carolina State told students to be on the lookout for Justin Bernard Singleton, who reisdes in Charleston, a city more than an hour’s drive from there. The Methodist college, Claflin University, with just under a couple thousand students, also placed its campus on lockdown following the school shooting at South Carolina State.

A motive has not been revealed in the incident yet either. In South Carolina, it is criminal to possess a firearm within a public or private educational facility.

Conceal and carry laws exist in the state, but even in the restaurants and bars they are permitted in, there will be new restrictions. Gov. Haley will sign off on a bill Thursday that regulates the gun rights there. After another school shooting in South Carolina that leaves one student dead, politics and guns are sure to butt heads again.

By Rob Lawson


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