Serial Rapist Loose in California


The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department of California has put together a string of recent rapes along Interstate 80, saying that they now believe that three of the rapes reported in the last four months were done by the same male rapist and that the attacks are becoming more and more violent with each assault, meaning that there is a serial rapist on the loose in California.

The Sheriff’s Department now believes that at least three of the rapes that have taken place since September are the work of one man, due to the similarities of methods in the assaults as well as the location. All three attacks took place near I-80 next to Madison and Watt Avenues. The victims also have described the rapist responsible for the rapes in a similar way, saying that he is a black man between the age of 20 and 40, clean shaven with either a short Afro or a shaved head. He also wears glasses with rectangular lenses.

The first attack took place on September 19 at 4:20 a.m. when the victim was walking to work along Watt Avenue. She was grabbed by the attacker and dragged down an embankment where he sexually assaulted her.

The second attack took place on December 13 at around 9 p.m. when an 18 year-old victim was walking away from a bus stop located on Madison Avenue when she was captured by a man and taken down into a similar embankment heavy with trees. She was then sexually assaulted.

The latest attack was what put investigators onto the thought that a serial rapist is loose in California. It took place on January 8 around 4:30 a.m. and marked a change in the methodology behind the attacks. In this case, the victim was kidnapped while on Auburn Boulevard and was driven in the rapist’s car to a location near Madison Avenue, where he then raped and physically assaulted her. The rapist’s car has been described as a red 4-door vehicle, an older model and box-like in design. This assault also marked an escalation in violence in these attacks, as the rapist used a sharp-edged weapon to threaten the victim which caused significant injuries.

Detectives are concerned about the escalation both in the shorter amount of time between these latest victims and the rising violence used in the attacks. They say his successes have caused him to become bolder and more willing to injure his victims. It is not believed that the three victims who have come forward have anything in common to point to a known individual for the attacks. Rather, the police believe that the assaults are taking place randomly and due to convenience; the victims were all walking alone on the darkened street when picked up or attacked.

Sketch artists drew images of the man for each of the three attacks, which have been released by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. They request that anyone with information please contact the Sexual Assault Bureau by phone at (916) 874-5115 or that they leave an anonymous tip at by using the keyword SSD or calling the anonymous tip line at (916) 874-8477 so that this serial rapist on the loose in California may be caught.

By Marisa Corley


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