Shia LaBeouf Butts Heads With Man on Streets of London?

 Shia Labeouf butts heads with man on streets of London

Shia LaBeouf continues to hit the headlines, for all the wrong reasons. After recently announcing his retirement, at the tender age of 27, LaBeouf has been caught on camera butting heads with a member of the public on the streets of London.

The incident took place outside a bar at South London’s hobgoblin pub, on Jan. 16. The Transformers actor was somewhat animated as he appeared to engage a fellow patron in a very public confrontation. Reports indicate that LaBeouf took exception after the man began issuing insults against Mia Goth’s mother. LaBeouf and Goth met, last year, when they were working on the set of Nymphomaniac – a two-part drama chronicling the story of a self-confessed nymphomaniac, from youth to old age.

Based upon footage obtained by celebrity gossip outlet TMZ, a hysterical LaBeouf approached the seated man and began shouting in his face. Enraged, the Fury actor screamed the following:

“Are you f—–g kidding me, bro?”

The actor is then alleged to have butted heads with the young man, who appeared partially inebriated. The moment solicited the attentions of two women, one of which pleaded with LaBeouf to exercise restraint. Sporting a white baseball cap, LaBeouf repeatedly questioned the man over what he had said, before being hauled away by his companions.

All the while, the victim of the attack remained relatively unperturbed by LaBeouf’s threatening demeanor and elected not to retaliate; his response could not be discerned over LaBeouf’s raised voice and the raucous of the other patrons.

A British female is alleged to have offered words of caution to the expressionless man, following LaBeouf’s forced extrication. “Don’t be sarcastic with us again… don’t even play smart,” advised the unnamed woman.

TMZ then posted post-fight footage of the Lawless star in – what appeared to be – some sort of beer garden, articulating a degree of remorse. Informing a female patron that he is merely a “normal human being,” he contends that he is “trying to make peace.” At this point, LaBeouf’s words sound increasingly slurred, as he amiably chats with those around him.

The head-butting incident comes in the wake of LaBeouf announcing his retirement from “all public life”; whether this decision extends to his acting pursuits remains to be seen, however. During a Twitter message to his fans, the star claims his retirement was provoked by attacks against his artistic integrity.

LaBeouf was recently accused of plagiarizing the works of graphic novel writer Daniel Clowes and using the material for – a 2012 short film directed by LaBeouf, following the story of an Internet film critic.

Clowes claimed the short film used many of the visuals and quotes from a comic he had created in 2007, called Justin M. Damiano; this includes the rather distinctive, introductory narration:

“A critic is a warrior, each of us on the battlefield have the means to glorify or demolish, whether a film, a career or an entire philosophy by influencing perception in ways that if heartfelt and truthful, can have far-reaching repercussions.”

Confessing that he had failed to follow the proper lines of accreditation, LaBeouf began offering his apologies through social networking platforms. He claims that he became lost during the creative process, due to his “excitement and naiveté” in assuming the role of an amateur filmmaker.

Eventually, LaBeouf demonstrated an increasingly defiant stance and started berating the efforts of Clowes’ legal teams. Tweeting about one of his upcoming projects, the actor uploaded a photo of a storyboard for a new short, Daniel Boring. Clowes’ lawyers then sent the star a cease and desist letter, claiming the work plagiarized another of Clowes’ comics, David Boring. Taunting Clowes, he twittered images of the cease and desist letters, before posting the message, “#original.”

By James Fenner


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