Shooting Reported at University of Oklahoma a False Alarm

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A shooting reported at the University of Oklahoma campus has turned out to be a false alarm.  The reported shooting occurred one day after a Purdue University student shot and killed another student in Indiana.  Gould Hall, home to the university’s College of Architecture, is currently being combed as the local police department race to respond to the scene.

The Twitterverse was aflame with tweets from the campus, with shots of students in a locked-down campus auditorium, watching coverage of the reported shooting, being retweeted.  The Norman Police SWAT team has entered Gould Hall, seeking the shooter or any other signs of trouble.  OU student James Fraschilla, who’s on the university’s basketball squad, reported that the gunman was in the same building he had class in.  Fraschilla said he got out of the building as fast as he could, only to see a sea of uniformed police officers.

The shooting reported at the University of Oklahoma was not anything that serious, though.  The president of the University of Oklahoma, David Boren, recently gave the all clear for some buildings to resume normal operations, but advised that Gould Hall should still be avoided, as police were still conducting a search.  In fact, normal operations were resuming on campus, with students being told to continue to avoid Gould Hall.

President Boren has told students on the South Oval that the shooting they heard could have simply been machinery backfiring.  Campus operations had all but resumed by the time Boren’s statement to students had come out.  Students, however, continue to tweet about the continued police presence on campus, noting that there was a helicopter flying over campus buildings as though to ensure security.

At nearby Gaylord College, President Boren told students that the incident could have been a false alarm and was dismissing them.  Students had been sheltered in place since the lockdown began around 11:30 a.m.

The last school shooting in Oklahoma was in September 2012, when a student shot himself in the head prior to class starting for the day at Stillwater Junior High School.  No other students were injured in the matter, but the student died from his injuries.

President Boren was all too happy to report that the shooting at the University of Oklahoma was a false alarm.  News outlets were avidly seeking out the students who tweeted the various photos, looking for permission to use them.  Some were stunned that the shooting turned out to be a false alarm, wondering if the incident was truly someone’s idea of a joke.

The shooting reported at the University of Oklahoma that turned out to be a false alarm comes as a relief, and while university staff and local police are commended for their fast response times, students were returning to business as usual.  Within a half an hour of the possible shooting being reported, police were reporting a lack of evidence there had been shots fired, and there was no one injured during the incident.  Gould Hall continues to be combed for any possible hazards, but normal operations had resumed for the most part on campus.

By Christina St-Jean



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