Shootings by Young Men in America Mark 2014


A series of shootings in America by young men across the country mark the calendar year of 2014 with blood. The Moyers & Company team posted some shocking information on According to Adam Peck at Moyers & Company, there has been a shooting every other day of school in this country so far in 2014.

Peck suggested that the problem could be getting worse, even though 2014 was supposed to be a year of lessening gun violence in schools. The first two weeks of school has been tense after at least seven shootings at schools in America. There were a total of 28 in all of 2013, according to reports.

Schools aren’t the only places being shot up though. A Maryland mall was the scene of a gruesome shooting that left mall patrons and employees in a panic. That shooting took place in Columbia, which is a short trip from the capital. Other malls and public locations, including movie theaters have been the scene of violent shootings in recent years. The 19-year-old who brought a loaded 12-gague shotgun into the mall and began firing at people is mystery to so many people. The motive wasn’t immediately clear, and the man’s mother is at a loss for explanation. She described him as a gentle person. This has often been the case in other shootings. Her son is said to be responsible for killing two people in the shooting. Explosives were also found in the suspect’s backpack. He shot himself in the store where the shooting began, police said. Shootings like this by young men in America seem to be becoming a trend but to mark 2014 with such violence is a tragedy.

Policy Mic shed a light on the subject as well. Purdue University has been the most recent, but six other schools share the same tragic story. School shootings in 2014 have happened at Wakefield Elementary, Widener University, Delaware Valley Charter School, Albany High School, Liberty Technology Magnet High School and Berrendo Middle School, where a 12-year-old boy shot at students with a loaded shotgun.

What these stories have in common, along with years prior dating back to Columbine and even before, is that boys and young men are committing violent acts in public places. Mostly, they are shootings. Concerned citizens have pointed to violence in media, easy access to firearms and even controversial artists like Marilyn Manson in an attempt to answer one question: Why are these young men and boys shooting people in public? Some answers may never be known. Some are examining social and cultural phenomena that could be a factor in the shootings. Others believe men in America have become too emotionally and sexually repressed and lack an outlet to express or relieve themselves and may consider shootings or other violent acts as an extreme measure on their part to do so. What is clear at this point is that shootings by young men in America are shaping events that will lead to more gun control and other debates as these incidents mark the 2014 school year.

By Rob Lawson


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