Snapchat Reaches the NFL

Snapchat It may be time to start welcoming in NFL teams hopping into the Snapchat regime. Multimedia is taking a new direction in sports, and Snapchat has made its first appearance in the NFL. Last weekend’s Saturday night Wild Card game hosted two of the first NFL teams to boast the new social media monster; the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL, specifically Roger Goodell, has made it a point year after year that he wants to expand the NFL to different countries and attract interest globally to the most popular American sport. Snapchat is globally expanding in social media and may be a viable tool NFL teams can use to give their fans across the globe a little sneak peek into how the organization wants to view itself.

The application may provide a little insight on teams decisions and just little things in general that may appeal to fan, fading away and leaving them hungry to find out more. It looks like an innovative way to drive traffic to their more conventional online presence. The New Orleans Saints have released their plans for using the team Snapchat account.

” Behind the scene photos and videos,” the statement reads, ” sneak peek(s) of what uniform the Saints will be wearing each week, photos of new Saints products and much more!”

While the Philadelphia Eagles have been a little bit less forthcoming with how they plan on appealing to the fans through Snapchat but their fans didn’t really care to wait. About 1,000 Eagles fans signed up within 5 hours of the news breaking and 7,000 within the first week of having a team account. It has also been reported other sports organizations will be looking into creating accounts as well. Major League Baseball has indicated they may be next.

It may be a little awkward, and what you see in the videos may be a little to short to catch, but it leaves the fans craving more, which is every marketer’s dream. NFL fans already swarm sports networks searching for content about their teams. this provides that content in a disappearing format just long enough to tell them what they should be looking for next. It is an instant cliffhanger, and fans are all intrigued and want to see more!

SnapchatSnapchat gives the typical fan a different way to see his team, or a way to see their favorite player in a different light. Videos may be posted of teams singing in the locker room or after practice, for example. DeSean Jackson, Eagles star Wide Receiver, asked fellow teammate and star Running Back, LeSean McCoy, how he dominates the NFL. LeSean answered and instantly it went on Snapchat. Simple videos such as that or teams wanting to endorse their new merchandise, it’s a perfect tool to appeal to younger and older fans of the NFL today and provide a new social media weapon for the League.

Snapchat has reached the NFL for sure, but security concerns around the app have raised a level of caution. The hackers reported in the news as of late have been a big deal and dealt a huge blow to the social media surge as of late. Their untapped potential has not been fully explored, and it may take a giant like the NFL continuing to use Snapchat to stem the damage from this most recent setback.

Other companies such as Google and Facebook have taken notice as well, as they both respectively offered 3 billion and 4 billion to purchase the app from Evan Spiegel.  He declined to accept the offers.  It’s value speaks for itself and it would be wise for sports organizations and even large corporations on the whole, to look into Snapchat. Preview your team or company in a whole new vision, so the whole world can see who you really are, and leave them begging for more. Finding a new way to extend its reach, the NFL has taken the Snapchat application to new heights of innovation.

by Justin Huffman

Sports Business Daily

Anchor Fan

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