Springsteen Christie – Traffic Jam in Jerseyland

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Like Simon and Garfunkel, Springsteen, Fallon and Christie have collaborated on a new work, a little piece known as Traffic Jam in Jerseyland. It is a catchy tune, you can watch it below. Inspiration can be a funny thing, it can come from strange places, sometimes with the aid of mind altering substances, sometimes by the cold embrace of a dying relationship, or sometimes it is something simple, like a good old fashioned traffic jam. In this case a bottleneck to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss and Jimmy Fallon, had some fun the other night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The dual donned blue-jean vests, red bandannas and dueling guitars to share some public sentiment over the political tomato.

“They shutdown the tollbooth of glory cuz we didn’t endorse Christie”

On the other side of the lyrics, Republican Governor Chris Christie stated, “I had no knowledge of this, of the planning, the execution, or anything about it.” He was referring to an aides action that closed several access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey last September, on the day when children returned to school. The resulting chaos led to four days of traffic congestion in Fort Lee, a borough where the Democratic mayor had not endorsed Christie’s reelection bid. The alleged, politically motivated, closure of access lanes to America’s busiest bridge, now termed Bridgegate, have people asking: Is Christie capable of higher office?

What are the facts, does anyone care about the facts? The story has transcended the threshold from news to personal attack and Christie is the target. He has been rounded up, pasted to a billboard and harpoons are being handed out like candy to kids on Halloween for anyone and everyone to take shots at the beleaguered Governor. Traffic Jam in Jerseyland by Springsteen and Fallon is nothing more than a parody, but what a powerful parody it is.

Does Christie deserve it? Maybe…maybe not, but he is sure as hell getting it whether he wants it or not. His political future may rest on an aide’s decision for retribution. Like a fly in a spider’s web he has been wound up and the spider, the American public in this case, have felt the tremors vibrate along the web and are coming to check out the source of disturbance.

springsteenWhat did they find? Chris Christie of course, perplexed, apologizing and in full damage control mode, “mistakes were made,” he admitted. Is the criticism fair? Depends on whether a reader is Republican or a Democrat, then again it does not matter at all if one is a politician, politicians are “fair game” for any story that can catapult or cripple a campaign. Christie, a potential Republican candidate for the White House in 2016 may be relegated to a guest slot on Saturday Night Live for the shenanigans that led to the traffic jam in Jerseyland. Depends on traction and wind direction.

After all, this is the United States of America where words and images can slay a political fortune in a heartbeat, and a traffic jam in Jerseyland just will not cut it. Christie, may or may not be in trouble, but for the time being he is being served up in a lively manner by Springsteen and Fallon: “Someday Governor, I don’t know when, this will all end, but til then you’re killing the working man, who’s stuck in the Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam. Whoa woah. Down in Jerseyland.”


By Scott Wilson


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