Target Data Breach Leads to Arrests

Target Data Breach Leads to Arrests

As the Target data breach continues to be under investigation, information has now led to the arrests of two Mexican citizens. In South Texas, police arrested Mary Carmen Garcia and Daniel Guardiola Dominguez, both of Monterrey, Mexico, in connection with the fraudulent use of 96 credit cards. So far, these are the only two suspects being held in connection to the massive hacking crime.

In the last two months, much information has been discovered regarding the Target data breach. Police officials across the nation have been aware that as many as 70 million credit card numbers may have been stolen from November to December. All of the credit card numbers were turning up for sale on the black market and were being purchased for unauthorized use. While many U.S. citizens were able to cancel their cards before any damage was done, many were are still fighting against fraudulent charges and are even suing Target Corporation for damages. As many banks also fight to lessen the blow against customers’ financial records, problems continue to arise. Unfortunately, for many who swiped their cards at Target during that time period between November and December, the nightmare is still not over.

The arrests made in South Texas could be the start of justice for many. The two Mexican citizens who were arrested are suspected of buying credit card information and using the cards to make fraudulent charges. While these two may be connected with the stolen 96 cards, millions more credit card numbers are still on the black market.

Not only are Target customers concerned about unauthorized use of their cards, they are also concerned with the leak of another type of information. It was not long until after the Target data breach that investigators discovered that other personal information had also been hacked. Information on Target customers’  names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were also stolen. Because of this, the scam has now become much larger as Target customers who were in the system are receiving emails claiming to be from Target. While some of these emails are actually from Target, it is hard for customers to determine whether to trust the emails as many hackers are now phishing for more information through emails. These emails from phishers are meant to scam Target customers and are causing much confusion for anyone who has received email communications from Target. Investigators are now on the lookout for phishers and are warning Target customers to be aware when opening an email that is marked as being from Target.

As if all of this information and consequences of the aftermath were not enough to thwart customers from ever buying from Target again, new reports have suggested that Target is only one of the businesses at risk and that other businesses may be being scammed right now. While information on the Target data breach has now led to arrests, officials are still far from finding the main person of interest and the fact of the matter is that the hack from Target was not just done one time but was done every day for a few weeks. Reports now suggest that other businesses cannot protect themselves from the type of security breach that hit Target and may be being scammed without knowing it.

While another scam has yet to be discovered, investigators are still deep into investigation on any information leading to suspects involved. Information did, however, lead to two arrests linked to the Target data breach and will hopefully continue to lead to many other arrests. In the meantime, many continue to hope for justice.

By Crystal Boulware

CNN Money
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