Taylor Swift Sizzles With Long Legs and Retail Therapy After Oscar Snub

Taylor Swift

Celebrities are not best known to take rejections tamely but Taylor Swift proved to be different after all with a week filled with retail therapy and her sizzling long legs after the Oscar snub.

The world may be freezing around her in this year’s chilling cold but Swift kept the hot quotient high and temperatures soaring with her outings in ‘short’ shorts.

Taylor Swift

The leggy lass made an appearance at the Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday in a white tee and gray cardigan with high-waisted shorts. She came all set to pull out a great shopping trip and fluttered a few dozen hearts in the milieu.

The hat and her red lips were perfectly matching her in every step she took and the handbag simply danced with her all along.

The 24-year-old singer’s second outing of the week was to the Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles where she was seen sifting through bargains and for fresh produce of the day. Here she chose to pair red and black striped top along with micro shorts.

Seems the cold snub from Oscar this year in the Best Original Song category has done little to dent her spirits or better yet, Taylor Swift simply knows how to beat the blues and up the hot quotient. Her pick for the week was to sizzle with shorts which accentuated her long legs for all her retail therapy trips.

Taylor SwiftAt the Whole Foods store, Taylor Swift simply rocked with her signature red lips, a black head band, classy Keds plimsolls and a cute necklace. Swift’s simple and casual attire didn’t take an ounce off her oomph factor as her sizzling long legs did all the work.

She created a buzz the moment she stepped into the store, and why not. She is a celebrity and mighty rich one at that with a personal fortune of more than a $100 million. And seeing her shop for veggies looking crazy hot would definitely lead to some craned necks and raised eyebrows.

Walking down the aisle across the vegetable and spices section with her bodyguard in tow, she was seen listening to her favourite music throughout on her iPhone. She closely inspected her purchase and giving away ample indication of a possible cooking session by Swift today.

Taylor SwiftKnown for affinity to cooking from the various twitter postings recently, the country pop singer exited the store after checking out with a bag full of vegetables and a nice looking bouquet for her pad. Swift’s twitter followers would sure be wishing and eagerly waiting to see some of those dishes come alive on her Twitter handle.

The seven time Grammy award winner’s long legs were again in limelight earlier this week when she strutted to a studio in Los Angeles probably for the practice session for the upcoming Grammy Awards performance. Looking hot in shorts, jacket and fiery red lips, she paired it with a Dolce & Gabbana handbag.

However, none of that could take the focus away from her two pins.
Taylor swift may have been snubbed at the Oscar and would have lost to O2 at the Golden Globes, but she sure knows how to keep her spirits high. After a week of attention on her sizzling long legs in all her retail therapy session, she gets ready to set the stage on fire with her January 26th Grammy performance.

By Daris Abraham

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