The Bachelor Juan Pablo to Marry or Stay a Don Juan?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo to Marry or Stay a Don Juan?

The Bachelor, a fun-filled series from ABC, has been doing the mix for over a decade.  Promoting love within the borders of extravagance and ecstasy has been exciting entertainment.  Some of the lucky ones have actually succeeded in love by sorting out dozens of beauties and beasts.  Some of the extra lucky ones have been featured on television for beyond their 14 weeks of their extended 15 minutes of fame and fantasy.  Is the bachelor Juan Pablo to marry or stay a Don Juan?

Out of all the match-ups that intrigue viewers, a few weddings have surprisingly taken place.  For the most part, the relationships bite the dust after a few weeks or months.  It all seems to be a scam for ratings, as love is put on the line despite feelings of long-term commitments.

The Bachelor makes for great TV and romantic ideas, but leaves the soul yearning for more.  The current man of the hour is Juan Pablo Galavis, a suave Venezuelan and music lover.  The accomplished soccer star has a daughter out of wedlock and continues to play the field.  He is no doubt a good father, but uncommitted to a long-time love he once had.  Through no fault of his own, Juan Pablo is quite adorable and a likely candidate for a bachelorette to capture his heart and dedication.  Is the bachelor Juan Pablo to marry or stay a Don Juan?  The question is truly at hand.

However entertaining, the show is a bit uncomfortable to watch, as girls squeeze into gowns and tight swimsuits, strut around and try to impress Juan Pablo.  He has to laugh when he goes home for the evening at all the antics that take place to elicit his approval.  The girls on the show will someday look back at all the charades and false pretenses and see how they played into the charade all along.  How embarrassing!

Being  a confirmed bachelor is nothing new or exciting.  The lack of commitment, and the exploration of new and exciting love, is familiar throughout the world.  With the age old fictional character Don Juan being made into a movie in 1994, and portrayed by no other than Johnny Depp, love has transformed the usual pattern of life.

Such heartthrobs and stars of Hollywood films are alive and well, and have been legends from time eternal.  The thrill of the chase, the dream come true, the expectations of a long-lasting relationship with a happy ending are not always possible when the man in question is a lifetime lover.  Juan Pablo fits the bill as a man of adventure, enjoying the connections, fun and flirting.  He seems to enjoys the fun side of  life without really wanting marriage.

Following in the footsteps like bachelors George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, Juan Pablo is venturing into his own realm of happiness and fortune with TV and fame.  He can only choose his life with or without commitments, above the fray of publicity and promise of better things.

Juan Pablo the bachelor is a looker, a liker and a lover.  He enjoys the exotic thrill of the moment he can capture with each starlet who is in line for the quest to win his love and devotion.  Men like Johnny Depp, who played the fictional Don Juan, are alive and well.  Just as Depp recently got engaged to Amber Heard, after several other engagements in his life and a long-term relationship that produced two children, love can take different paths.  The heart may take on many forms and fancies, not always lasting a lifetime, but serving the time needed at will.

Enjoying the fun and intrigue of many lovers can become a legacy of some as others simply desire the special nature of a  love that lasts.  Factors beyond the span of loving a certain person go deep into childhood and upbringing often ignored in the face of a true relationship.  Singleness and loneliness can be conquered in other ways with other interests in life.  Beyond the bonding of loving outside the circle of family may just be a single life of lovers.  Bachelorhood or marriage, they will be happy with their choice.

Juan Pablo as The Bachelor is exploring his options in love, but in the long run, he will do what he wants to make himself happy.  Is the bachelor Juan Pablo to marry or just be another Don Juan, enjoying the lap of love for fame and glory?  Time will surely tell.

Editorial by Roanne FitzGibbon



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