The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma (Review)

The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma

The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma marks the third book in a series by M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. , featuring the exploits of the pint-sized superheroine the Great Katie Kate as she once again informs children about the medical conditions that they have, and thus sets their minds (more or less) at ease.

In this latest book, the Great Katie Kate offers answers to questions children commonly have about their asthma, and in doing so, the dreaded (but somewhat cute) Worry Wombat disappears when the children  learn more about asthma, its triggers, and ways to make having it a little bit more bearable.

As the story opens, Julie is having fun at soccer practice — that is, until she starts having trouble breathing, and tells her coach, who then tells her that he’ll inform her parents and “take your straight to the hospital.”  The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma

Julie is not the only one who is having trouble breathing. So are Andrew and Claire, readers of this colorful and informative book learn — but, what is causing their troubles catching their breath?

Andrew, for one, has problems breathing when he’s at his friend, Sally’s, house, playing video games. Sally’s cat, Jack, is swishing his tail at Andrew’s feet when he begins to cough.

Is Andrew coming down with a cold, does he have an allergy to cats, or does he possibly have childhood asthma?

When Claire has difficulty breathing at school, after she has eaten delicious peanut butter cookies and drank a glass of milk, she visits the school nurse.  Perhaps Claire has an allergy to peanuts, or a cold — or, could the sudden symptoms that Julie, Andrew, and Claire develop mean that they all possibly have childhood asthma?

It’s up to the Great Katie Kate to swoop in as Julie, Andrew, and Claire are sitting and waiting together in an allergist’s office. She takes the three children on a voyage of discovery about their bodies and asthma and how sometimes allergies and asthma go hand-in-hand, allergies often acting as a trigger for asthma attacks.

The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma by M. Maitland DeLand, M.D.,  is the third book in the Great Katie Kate series. In the first two books, The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions about Cancer and The Great Katie Kate Discusses Diabetes, the Great Katie Kate helps put at ease children’s minds about two other scary diseases which many children have, diabetes and cancer.

The Great Katie Kate series provides a tool that is both entertaining and indispensable that both medical professionals and teachers will find useful in educating young children to the ailments that they have been diagnosed with.

The Great Katie Kate books are a great way to help children understand their medical conditions and put their fears to rest, chasing away the “Worry Wombats” that they face by having unanswered questions.

If you’d like to read an interview I conducted with the author of the Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma, as well as the other books in the Great Katie Kate series and other series for children that are sure to entrance kids of all ages, all you have to do is click here.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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