The Internet of Things – Synonym for Google

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The “Internet of Things” is officially a synonym for Google after the tech company paid $3.2 billion for an enterprise which creates smart home appliances. Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show proved that smart houses represent the culmination of the technology era and Google now owns the biggest share in this trend.

This movement brings forward the idea the non-connected world represented by static home appliances can be connected to smartphones, tablets and PCs in order to create a connected home. Controlling devices such as security systems, smoke detectors and thermostats via the Internet and wireless networks could become a domain worth trillions of dollars in only a few years. Analysis of the digital world shows that the Internet of Things (IoT) has surfaced. Google’s involvement in IoT is assured by the recent purchase of Nest, the maker of smart home appliances.

Nest is a four-year old company with two products released so far, namely a thermostat which uses temperature, light, motion and humidity sensors to gather information about a person’s daily activities and ultimately control heating and cooling by following patterns; the second device is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

“It’s amazing to see how they have taken important but unloved devices and made them beautifully simple and useful,” Google CEO Larry Page said.

Although the companies seem to tackle different aspects of the Internet, Google is as focused on grasping people’s behavior as Nest and the release of gadgets like Google Glass and driverless cars emphasize the tech giant’s preference for innovation. Analysts believe that purchasing Nest for $3.2 billion, thus positioning this deal on Google’s top acquisitions is the latter’s first incursion into connected homes. Nest’s impeccable design, clever algorithms, staff that comes from power companies like Apple and Logitech and experience in robotics and artificial intelligence transform it into a valuable possession. By purchasing Nest, Google has officially entered the area of connected homes, an action that altered the company’s mission, which now wishes “to create beautiful, intuitive services and technologies that are so incredibly useful for people,”  Larry Page said.

Throughout its existence, Google has come up with inventions that intended to revolutionize the world of technology and according to both Nest and Google’s executives, the two enterprises are a perfect match not only with regard to potent staff, but also ideas that precede the Internet of Things.  Although plenty of other tech companies are said to be working on their own gadgets to fit into the new trend, for now Google and Nest are the only ones who have stepped forward, thus giving the Internet of Things a face. However, as Google continues its immersion into the Internet of Things, privacy will also be raised at standards higher than companies have been accustomed to, leading Google to earn points with regard to security.

Since Nest has been unofficially crowned the company that will take the Internet of Things to the next level, Google has automatically become the trend’s first adopter. Its alignment with the smart home appliances maker represents the definitive evidence that for now, the Internet of Things is Google.


By Gabriela Motroc


Business Insider