The Real Housewives of New York City Returns With Fresh Blood

Model Kristin Taekman Joins the Housewives

real housewives of new york cityBravo’s reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New York City” returns with fresh blood Mar. 11. It seems like a long wait especially since the new trailer for season six has been released, and it looks like plenty of cat fighting will ensue. But how else would these ladies entertain themselves–and us?

Along with the regulars from last season, there is a new addition to the cast. She is Kristin Taekman, a model who has worked since she was 16. She has two children with her husband, Josh, who works with an energy supplement company called EBOOST. Judging by the trailer, Taekman spends a lot of time with her mouth agape, clearly in shock by the housewives’ sniping and fighting. She’ll have to learn to stand up for herself with this cast because at least one of them will have a problem with her before long! She needs to insinuate herself and prove she has the mettle to be on “The Real Housewives of New York City.”

Remember LuAnn de Lesseps, the one who always reminded people she’s a Countess? Well, she will not return this season as a housewife. Instead, she’ll be relegated to the sidelines as a friend of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Good riddance. The only thing remotely interesting about her last season was her relationship with Jacques, a Frenchman. She had previously decided she was done having children but she was willing to carry a child for him (how noble). In fact, she was consulting a fertility specialist about it. But now Jacques is out of the picture so what does that tell you? But she’ll stick around and try to play peacemaker when the ladies have a shouting match with each other.

Are Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer still BFFs? It appears so, judging from the trailer. The two nutty ladies band together to fight with the others while vacationing in the Berkshires, the Hamptons and in Montana (watch Sonja throw a tomahawk–badly). While Sonja is handling her charity work and coming up with recipes for her inventive toaster oven creation (and having a dog funeral for her beloved Millou), Ramona is in tears when she sees her oldest daughter, Avery, off to college. Whatever will Ramona do with herself? Well, she still has her husband Mario and her Ramona Pinot Grigio and Red wines, along with her jewelry business. There will be some nostalgia this season when we see Sonja crying in her bed, with Ramona consoling her like the good friend she is. These two face off against Aviva Drescher, who must have the most reprehensible father on the planet (and who, unfortunately, makes an appearance that sets some of the ladies off). “The Housewives of New York City” returns with fresh blood but it’s hardly noticed when these two ladies band together.

If you thought Carole Radziwill was a wilting flower last season, she doesn’t seem like it now. If the trailer is any indication, she’s transformed into a feisty little thing, fighting with Aviva, whose prosthetic leg we see on the floor at a cocktail party after Heather Thomson is screaming her head off at her; apparently, Heather is accused of bossing her husband around and she’s got something to say about it! She does have a lot of emotional scenes this season but she’s not the only one; Ramona and Sonja join her with their tears, too.

Whatever happens this season, it will be full of drama and sniping and fighting and tears. “The Real Housewives of New York City” returns with fresh blood but the other ladies will prove plenty entertaining, also!

By Juana Poareo 


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