The Wanted to Split After Tour

The WantedThe Wanted are splitting up after the end of their tour; at least, for now. The British boyband made their announcement through their official website, making it clear it is a very important announcement for fans.

This could be a disappointment for those in the United Kingdom, but, internationally, the band never seemed to do that well. They were viewed as a rival for One Direction at first, until the latter managed to break into the US charts, without much of a problem. The only hit international single The Wanted really managed was Glad You Came, in 2011.

The band’s most recent album, Word of Mouth, made it to number nine in the UK charts, but only just made it into the Top 20 in the US, at number 17.

The Word of Mouth tour starts on March 14, in Liverpool, and concludes in Belfast on March 25. However, there are some international dates, with the last one being in Oklahoma, on May 17, according to the band’s website. From there, the boyband has decided it is time to go their separate ways and focus on their own personal projects. Before the break happens, though, there will be one more single from the second album. At least, that is the plan at the moment from the British five-piece.

During the announcement about the split, The Wanted stressed that they love their fans. The band also made it clear that this was not a permanent end, and it was a mutual decision between each of the members. There are hopes that the five will get back in the recording studio again; it is more of a hiatus than a complete split.

This is the second boyband over the last few months to announce they are bringing their journey to an end. In November, The Jonas Brothers announced they would be splitting up, indefinitely, due to problems between them. The three brothers made it clear that their family was more important and the constant touring was creating issues for them. Unlike the British band, The Jonas Brothers were mid-tour and cancelled the remaining dates – an incident that disappointed many fans.

The Wanted were surprised to hear about The Jonas Brothers deciding to split up. One band member, Siva Kaneswaran told MTV that he wanted to talk to the three brothers about their decision and get “into a deep talk.”

Fans took to The Wanted’s website to express their feelings, upon hearing the news. One fan supports their decision, stating they have been touring for around three years now, and they obviously need a break at some point. Other fans have expressed excitement for the band’s new video, while some have stated they are happy the band decided to continue with the tour, before splitting.

The Wanted tweeted the link to the news about splitting up. After delivering the announcement they followed up with a thank you message on Twitter, and have continued to follow up with messages of gratification and love. The boys from The Wanted will continue with the tour before their split, and have also shared how excited they are about their upcoming dates.

By Alexandria Ingham


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