Titanfall Alpha Footage Shows Game in Action [Video]


Alpha footage from Titanfall, one of the most anticipated games for 2014, shows the game in action.  Being developed by Respawn Entertainment, veterans from Infinity Ward and its highly successful Call of Duty series, Titanfall has been called the “spiritual successor” to Call of Duty.  Sony PlayStation owners need to own a PC, however, as the game is “exclusive” to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles (both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and PC’s.  No PlayStation version is being developed.  Even without a presence on Sony’s hardware, Titanfall remains one of the hottest titles for 2014.

Blurring the lines between the “massively multiplayer online” (MMO) and “first person shooter” (FPS) genres, Titanfall will feature team-based, multi-player combat in a futuristic science-fiction setting.  It will not feature a persistent online world that would be the mark of a true MMO, but will consist of a more in-depth storyline and game world than is typical for a multiplayer shooter.  One of the criticisms of such games, like the aforementioned Call of Duty series, is their relatively shallow plot.  Titanfall aims to address some of this concern.

The “Titans,” for which the game is named are a key mechanic within the game world.  These powerful robotic suits drop onto the battlefield and players can pilot them like vehicles, giving them additional abilities in combat.  Some Titans are small and fast, lending themselves to scouting enemy positions.  Others are large and imposing, bringing extensive firepower to the battlefield.  In a sense they somewhat act as classes, allowing players to customize their experience within the game and play specific roles that suit them.  The Titanfall alpha footage making its way onto the Internet shows this highly anticipated game in action.

Reaction to the leaked footage thus far has been generally positive.  While the game has received some criticism in recent weeks when the number of concurrent players on a map was announced, and was smaller than gamers anticipated, the alpha footage has been well received.  Leaked footage such as this can sometimes be a double-edged sword for game developers.  On the one hand it can serve to raise awareness and anticipation for an upcoming title.  On the other it can lead to disappointment if players see aspects of the game they do not like, especially with early versions of a game like an alpha.

In the case of Titanfall, this seems to be operating in EA and Respawn’s favor as the majority of reaction from the gaming community has been good. In a statement released after the alpha footage was leaked, however, Respawn was quick to say that this was part of a limited technology test, showing a stripped-down version of the game, and not actual gameplay. They also were clear that no beta-testing was yet planned or in progress. Early reports mis-represented the footage, prompting that response from developers.

While an alpha can often raise more questions about a game than it answers, the biggest question surrounding Titanfall has already been answered; when players can get their hands on this highly anticipated shooter.  Titanfall will arrive in less than two short months on March 11th 2014.  Players in Europe will have to wait three more days as their version lands on March 14th.  So for players not fortunate enough to be involved in Titanfall’s testing process, they will not have much longer to wait to mount their own Titans and begin blasting away.  In the meantime, they can enjoy this alpha footage of Titanfall, which shows one of the most anticipated games of 2014 in action.

By Christopher V. Spencer


International Business Times

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