‘Titanfall’ Mod Support Missing for Launch

Titanfall will not feature modding support at launch says Respawn

Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall – the studio’s upcoming blockbuster multiplayer – will not feature modding support or mapping tools, during its initial launch. The news was announced by company cofounder Vince Zampella, stating that the afore-mentioned features would be taken into consideration post-launch.

Titanfall will pit players against one another in a series of online multiplayer arenas. Gamers will traverse the war-torn setting as one of two factions – the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or the Militia – occupying lumbering, mechanized devices, called Titans. Aside from piloting a powerful range of Titan mechs, players are also able to free-run, inspiring a constant change-up in tactics.

Modding Support and Platform Release

Zampella – who formed Respawn with Jason West, after departing from Activision on less than amicable terms – was questioned on the subject of modding by an inquisitive fan. On Dec. 28, 2013, Zampella offered his response through Twitter:

Titanfall‘s development team, consisting of numerous former Call of Duty employees, is set to release their game on March 11, 2014, on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC; Electronic Arts (EA) CFO Blake Jorgensen recently confirmed that Titanfall will remain exclusive to these platforms, during an earnings call.

Zampella also suggested that future iterations of the franchise could make their way to the PlayStation 4. However, the former CEO of Infinity Ward explained that a PS4 version of the original Titanfall would not be developed in the future:

Recently, Zampella also took the opportunity to wish all his fans a happy New Year, in the run-up to the imminent release of his team’s highly anticipated game:

“Happy new year all, looking forward to a great 2014! Thanks for all the support, time to ship a game!”

Before the New Year, a Respawn spokesperson confirmed that Titanfall would feature snipers, but in a way that breaks the mold of conventional military shooters. He went on to indicate that “quick scoping and no scoping” would be ineffective strategies while playing Titanfall.

The Titans

Respawn also provided brief information on the various Titan classes, including the Ogre, Stryder and Atlas. The Ogre – defined as the “ultimate battle tank” – offers premium armor and advanced offensive capabilities.

The Stryder Titan, meanwhile, has a much leaner aesthetic. The developers explain that Stryder units offer survivability through speed, acceleration and agility and are the fastest of all available Titan chassis. Built by the fictitious Hammond Robotics corporation, Stryders have 30% increased thruster capacity and provide the lightest core of the Titan lineup.

The final Titan, called the Atlas, is described as a multi-role combatant. Providing mobility that surpasses the Ogre chassis, the Atlas is reportedly a good, all-round Titan that can be deployed for missions that involve “… reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support, tactical support, or a combination of all these.”

Titanfall garnered considerable attention during its unveiling at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, claiming an unprecedented six E3 Critics Awards. The game was also awarded Best in Show by a number of online video game websites, including Destructoid, Game Informer and IGN. The game’s overall reception has, thus far, been almost universally positive, performing well at various gaming conventions, including the Tokyo Game Show and the VGX Awards.

Titanfall remains on target for its March 11, 2014, release date.

By James Fenner


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