Victoria’s Secret Model Avoids Full Monty Slip-Up

 Victoria’s Secret

A Victoria’s Secret model cleverly  avoided a possible full-monty breast slip-up during a shoot in St. Barth. Maryna Linchuk, had a friendly assistant  who heard her call,  quickly run to her rescue and avoided the slip-up from escalating into a fully blown embarrassing episode.

The quick turn of events happened during a scheduled photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret Essentials for Vogue. The shoot took place on one of the scenic shell beaches, near the coastal town of St. Barth. The lack of any private changing rooms nearby, forced Linchuk to change her costumes right in the middle of the beach.

 Victoria’s Secret

The pretty Victoria’s Secret curves and the photo-shoot were witnessed live, by a lucky few. Yet, there was also disappointment in store for many others who were present, wishing for a full-monty. As the costume changeover was taking place, there was a particular moment when Linchuk had to change her bikini top. Exactly at this point, cameras from all over the place had a field day shooting her.

However, the quick-witted model immediately realized the presence of countless prying eyes and focusing lenses. She decided to not become the subject of another public wardrobe malfunction and asked a friendly assistant to cover her up; quite literally to cover her up.

 Victoria’s SecretThe assistant rushed to the side of the model and held the model’s breast with her hands. The covering of Linchuk’s breasts allowed the model to change out of her white bikini top without exposing her nipples in public. The patience of the assistant was also tested, because Linchuk took her time.

The model is no stranger to nude photo-shoots and has survived many a wardrobe slip-up, which are common in her job. However, the Belarusian Victoria’s Secret model  avoided allowing her breasts to become the subject of a full-monty public slip-up.

Linchuk was in a jolly good mood and happily changed into a sexy, white-laced, shimmering suit. Finally, the assistant could take back her hands and breathe easy. The incident, and the assistants’ show of support for the bombshells’ boobs, was heavily photographed and started trending soon after.

Linchuk is not a novice to a skin show, nor is she an amateur in the field of modeling. She is a top model and holds an envious place in the industry. She has been part of campaigns and shows of mostly all top designers’ houses in the fashion industry, including Versace, Donna Karan and Gabbana.

 Victoria’s Secret

Rated by Vogue Paris as one of the top 30 models the past decade, the 26-year-old Linchuk is a regular feature in Victoria’s Secret runway shows. If the day’s shoot is any indication, white will be the color this season; along with lace and see-through dresses. It certainly seems to be an excellent precursor to a hot new edition from Vogue. The fun part is that some people are tweeting her to join the Survivor series on CBS, for surviving the slip-up with panache.

The rest of the day proved to be  uneventful for the onlookers, since Linchuk failed to produce any more photo-worthy breast coverings. The beautiful model splashed through the water in designs from Victoria’s Secret, managing to avoid any other Full-Monty slip-ups. Many still wish to see her in the next Survivor series, as well.

By Daris Abraham