Vin Diesel Posts Facebook Selfie Dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce [Video]

Vin Diesel, Riddick, Facebook, selfie video Vin Diesel has posted a selfie video on his Facebook page of dance moves and vocals to Katy Perry and Beyoncé songs. The Riddick star was excited to announce the movie’s success, but instead of simply typing his thoughts, Vin Diesel created a video of himself singing and dancing, with the caption, “You know I love music.”

The video, which is over seven minutes long, begins with the view of Vin’s stomach with Katy Perry’s song, Dark Horse playing. Vin Diesel slowly steps backwards to reveal his face, and his initial dance move: the circling pointer finger facing the ground. The words “vin book” appear on the screen in a blue font, as Juicy J.’s lyrics begin. With a bit of editing, Vin is then sitting at his computer as he starts lip syncing Katy’s opening lyrics.Vin then stands up, now singing close to the camera, and bouncing and moving around as the beat drops. His dancing and singing continues with close-up shots mixed with  him standing farther back, at one point singing into a microphone.

In his selfie video posted to Facebook, Vin Diesel takes a break from dancing to Katy Perry (and later to Beyoncé) to tell fans that he received a call from Universal with the information that his film Riddick moved into the number one spot on the EVD charts. Vin gives credit for the success to all of his fans who wanted the movie to be made because without them, Vin Diesel says the movie never would have made it past a story line. With his Facebook handle on the top right of the screen, Vin thanks his fans by singing right up into the camera at some parts of the video, but then backing away for full-body shots of his dance moves, which include spins, leg kicks, and a repetitive shoulder bounce of sorts.

Some reports are suggesting that Vin Diesel was drinking when he created the video, but he is coherent and understandable when talking. After speaking to his fans, with the flash of a peace sign, Vin switches the music from Katy Perry’s Dark House to Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love. His transition: asking the video viewer about the Grammy Awards. Vin says that since he had to work, he was unable to attend the ceremony or to even watch it on television.  This video is his opportunity to watch the performances, and to create one of his own. Vin once again backs away from the computer and camera to join Beyoncé. Starting with some dancing, Vin entertains his fans, and then adds some of his own vocals. His versions of the chart-topping songs serve as his thank you to Riddick fans everywhere. With some more editing, Vin Diesel’s selfie video posted on Facebook involves him dancing to the surfboard line in Drunk In Love twice, after his performance of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. The performance ends with Vin close up to the camera belting out Drunk In Love and adding the text, again in blue, of “all love…”

By K. Corrine Van Vliet


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