Wake Up Vibe the Vibrating Alarm Clock to Arouse From Sleep (Video)

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In the world of rush and waking up to the sound of an annoying alarm clock, one company decided to bolster their incentive of the average wake up call. Over and over again. Wake Up Vibe is a company touting a sleek device that appears like a novel piece of technology. With a buzzing reason to purchase it. The device works as an alarm clock, no more loud noises (well maybe) and no more dredging the work day. Women can rise and shine with a buzzing feeling arousing them from sleep to the vibrating alarm.

The Wake Up Vibe has the appearance of a curved iPod, and as stated by Wake Up, it stays in place no matter how a sleeper twists or turns. The developers created six different vibrating levels for women to enjoy from soft to a bit, eh, more aggressive. The buzzing, no alarm noise, will be the alert to wake a sleeper. Although, one has to wonder if this would make some women sleepier.

The only issue for women, are those who decide to go commando. The Wake Up Vibe fits into underpants to keep snugly against a woman’s nether regions. The device then emits the buzzing  vibration – currently the manufacturer has not detailed if a snooze is available on the device, or quite how long it will buzz for. The ideal is to promote a sensual and enjoying way for a woman to arouse, rather just arise. It is certain to replace that standard, old, loud alarm clock.

It seems Wake Up Vibe has health on their side. Writers from many outlets, including Living Healthy: 360, states that starting the day in the morning with sex on the brain makes for a more productive day. Endorphins are releasing with just about every orgasm, creating a less stress mess for the week. Another reason for morning vibration is starting the day with a skip in the step to permit for personal connections.

Responses from women have been positive, from “where can I buy this?” to “snooze you lose does not apply!” have been the incoming factor of the device.  Wake Up utilized high quality silicone for the fit and women who have purchased the device call it soft to touch. The devices are sold through retailers from Switzerland, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Germany and yes even the United States. The Wake Up Vibe site displays all retailers and links directly to the online marketplaces.

The device comes in a sealed box and users remove it and it appears the size of an oversized computer mouse, with the front button similar to that of an iPod. The universal charger is added and can last for a full night’s sleep. Wake Up has included connectors for every part of the world, for varying countries to purchase the device. In addition, Wake Up includes a same colored blindfold to enjoy relaxing z’s to slip into a relaxing day.

The Wake Up Vibe is becoming the device to have for millions of women. The vibrating alarm is the newest trend for arousing women awake. Have it? Want it? Share in the comments.

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