Winter Weather Alert: Northeast Snow and Cold Temps for South Florida

Winter Weather AlertIt may be as warm as 80 degrees Tuesday in parts of South Florida, but expect that to drop drastically over the next few days, as a winter weather system will cause snow alerts in many northeastern parts of the country. Temperatures may plummet to as low as 30 degrees in parts of South Florida.

The cold front that is moving into parts of South Florida could arrive as early as Wednesday night, and should thaw off by Thursday morning. This winter weather alert has Miami’s local meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez telling her viewers that they will “need those sweaters and jackets.” The warning is especially necessary for rural and agricultural areas in South Florida, where the cold front could make its way far enough down the thermometer to be considered freezing.

But residents as far north as New England and as far south as Virginia have little or no sympathy for the plight of those living in the Miami area. A winter storm is supposed to plunge temperatures down to single digits in parts of the Northeast and could dump as much as 10 inches of snow in Philadelphia, New York and the surrounding areas. Residents of these areas can expect that snow to arrive Tuesday. With the wind chill, residents of these areas could see temperatures that feel as cold as 10 degrees below zero.

The National Weather Service is warning all people in these areas to be careful when they travel or drive over the next few days, because high winds and arctic air will make transportation very dangerous. New York has put its emergency preparation systems in place.

The federal government has already announced that it will close all of its offices in the Washington region today because of the snow and the arctic weather. Many schools in the northeast south of New York are sending students home early on Tuesday if they were not already closed for the day.

Flights have already been affected, especially in South Florida, where snow and cold temperatures from this winter weather system have already put many air traffic controllers on high alert. Around 50 flights leaving from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have already been cancelled thus far. Most of the destinations were northeastern cities but other cancellations also included Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo. Miami International Airport has also cancelled close to 50 flights with destinations heading far enough south as Louisville being affected. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all seem to be a no-go for flights because of the arctic weather.

This snowstorm is only adding to what has been a heavy winter for snow shovelers. In areas such as Philadelphia this is already the fourth or fifth major snow event of the season.

Because of the winter weather alert involving heavy snow in the Northeast and cold temperatures for South Florida, residents are warned to use caution when traveling, and to make sure they are adequately prepared for the unusually arctic temperatures in South Florida, which will disrupt more than a few travel plans for a period.

By Nick Manai

Miami Herald

Kansas City Star