Xbox One Exclusive Killer Instinct Gets Patch That Changes Achievements

Killer Instinct on the Xbox One

It is common for fighting games now days to receive patches that help balance the game. In the past, such updates didn’t exist; Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was still played in tournaments 10 years after it came out with no patch what so ever. That being said, most updates for fighters are generally met with warm reception, but the newest Killer Instinct patch on the Xbox One may frustrate players that have already dedicated a large amount of time to the game.

This new Killer Instinct patch changes a number of things in the game, but it also does so with the help of the new Xbox One functions. This means that achievements can be changed even after a game is released. Each character has an achievement they unlock when they play 2,000 matches. This patch has now changed the achievement for every character, dropping the necessary amount of matches from 2,000 to 200.

The dedicated few that already have these achievements will likely not be happy about the change considering the sheer amount of time devoted to such a task. Such is the power of the Xbox One. For those playing a lot of Killer Instinct this change is not a small one; the difference is 12,000 matches vs. 1,200. Players that don’t have these achievements yet will probably be happy about the change, but what about those that already have it? Considering that the listing has changed everyone with the achievements will have them listed at 200 matches per character instead of the 2,000 it originally took. It is unlikely that Microsoft or Double Helix will change it for those that already got them, even tracking them down now would be a lot of work with very little payoff.

Changes to online portions of Killer Instinct include leaderboards becoming viewable to non-gold members, party invites being fixed, and both players will know prior to a match if they will rank up or rank down. To accompany this, the online ranking system has been changed. Here is what it looks like now.

Killer Instinct Patch 1.1

Besides the achievement changing the patch brought a number of useful changes. To begin with, the free rotating character has changed to Sabrewulf. Data save issues have been fixed, USB ports should no longer give trouble to new challengers, and players can now disable toasts from the options menu.

Previously, the game had a few issues with colors or icons not unlocking correctly, these issues has now been fixed. Almost all characters have had a tiny bit of detail added such as Jago’s Endokuken acting as an opener at the beginning of a combo.

Gameplay has seen a number of adjustments as well. Instinct mode shadow combos can now be broken, block height can be adjusted during instinct mode activation, and the few instances where moves labeled as “enders” could not be broken can now be broken. This patch is free and is fairly big, 675 MB.

This Killer Instinct patch (1.1) brings a number of adjustments that will help players enjoy the game, but it also frustrates those dedicated few that put in so much effort early on. It would be amazing to at least see these individuals get recognition for their time, but it is more likely no such credit will be given. The Xbox One brings with it changes to the future of video games. This is a prime example of what can now be done. Is this what fans want or what game publishers want?


By Garrett Jutte


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