About Last Night Is a Raunchy Winter’s Tale! (Review)

About Last Night

So the red hot Kevin Hart has once again taken the box office by storm with his new movie About Last Night and it is just in time for Valentines Day! About Last Night is truly quite the raunchy Winter’s Tale indeed, as it spices up the remake of the 1986 version of the same title starring a hunky Rob Lowe and a young and vivacious Demi Moore. About Last Night is going head to head with the new release of Winter’s Tale that is based on Mark Helprin’s 1983 book also of  the same title. Although these two adaptations are vastly different, it is interesting to note that they are both stories of love (in one form or another) that were released during this most quintessential holiday. Of course love is not always about fluttering heart strings and mushy moments, as both movies manage to give their own unique take on it.

About Last Night, which also stars Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant, turns the tables on the game of love by giving us a sugary sweet, toothache inducing plot line from Ealy and Bryant. On the flip side, Hart and Hall give super explosive performances dipped heavily in steamy, lustful, the nastier the better type sex! Mr. Hart manages to keep audiences in stitches with his signature comedic exasperation and slapstick pratfalls. Ms. Hall is no slouch either in the comedy department as she goes toe to toe with Kevin Hart’s character Bernie, matching him barb for barb and sometimes tossing in her own unmatchable zingers.

It is fun to watch the giggle inducing chemistry between Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, who are real life good friends. They play off of one another in a seamless fashion and seem to share a uniquely funny bond that results in hilarious cinematic screen magic. Although both Ealy and Bryant make for mouth watering eye candy, their performances seem to lack a certain…well, zest. They tend to leave the audience holding its collective breath, waiting for something truly exciting to occur between them but it never really quite happens.

The love story between Ealy and Bryant is certainly sweet and endearing and that is about all they are going to give movie goers, which in the case of these two lookers is almost more than enough. Luckily, About Last Night, being the raunchy Winter’s Tale that it is, manages to give equal measures of sweet and zany as one couple tries to convert the other over to their side of the love debate.

Overall, this is a great and fun movie to go see with a sweetie or even a group of friends. It should appeal to couples as well as singles as it doesn’t come off as though it is meant expressly for lovers. It is a great film for just about anyone who meets the R rated requirements. So, please believe the hype that About Last Night is quite the raunchy Winter’s Tale. Get out and go check it out, because a funky good time is sure to be had by all and it is a great way to warm up by spending some quality time with the ones you love during this chilly winter season.

By Mai Nowlin


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