Academy Awards Entertainment News Should Focus More on Literature Itself

Academy awards

Academy Awards and entertainment news should focus more on the literature itself. People have become more concerned with the performance, imagination, creativity and skill of actors and the industry, rather then the authors themselves. The attention is yet again geared towards celebrities.

For example, when Ned Vizzini, author of the novel It’s Kind of a Funny Story committed suicide, did anyone notice how nearly every single headline had to include the film title so that people would know who Ned Vizzini was? Even though his story was nominated  for the best book for young adults by the American library association; and his writing was a huge hit that phenomenally shaped the lives and thinking processes of many, particularly those suffering with depression like Ned himself, the film production was recognized on a much larger scale. This was due to the celebrity cast including the likes of Emma Roberts, and its academy award nominations for the best breakthrough performance and also outstanding achievement in casting, feature, studio and independent comedy.

academy awardsHowever no movies, plays or TV programs could be made without the groundwork of literature – with the meaning of literature in this sense being the written word. Academy awards are now more prestigious than literary awards, which is confusing because without the novelists and poets and playwrights, there would be NO academy awards. So why are people more interested in the celebrities in films, rather than the people who created an entire  fantasy or fictional sub-world, that enables new dimensions of reality to manifest? Disregarding a few supernatural anomalies like JK. Rowling, this is why Academy Awards and entertainment news should focus more on the literature itself.

And do not even begin to enter the misty realms in the shires of poetry! Poets are shadows in comparison with film and entertainment cultures, unless one is a sixth-grader being forced fed Shakespeare at an age when for the majority, it is as interesting as a grey plate of gruel for breakfast!

Academy awards

Upcoming poets like Kate Tempest serve their blood in test tubes for you to digest. They are bringing a new modernized genre into the spoken word, and although it could be criticized that their performances make them similar to the actors at the Academy Awards – they are also the authors of their own productions and are rarely heard of in the News. Here is a preview of one of Kate’s poems, End Times, that rightly brought her into the worlds attention with her stark compelling images and rhymes, like the famous line:

I’m crying oceans into paragraphs / because behind our backs our shadows laugh.”


Academy awards should continue to be respected because they are significant, however the news should be promoting every form of literature incessantly, like novelist and poetry blogs like WordPress, because without literature the world would be nothing.

Academy awards

History books teach us about our existence and all our school books help us to gain our very own data-bases, poetry teaches us how to feel, and novels transport us to places we never knew could exist, and circumstances we never knew we would have to deal with. Academy Awards and entertainment news should focus more on the literature itself because of the innate divinity it embodies. It is more important than the celebrity simulation and who won trophies for the best red carpet dresses.

Opinion By Melissa McDonald



Guardian Liberty Voice


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