Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay

Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay

Actress Ellen Page has decided to come out, and she announced she was gay in a speech she gave in Las Vegas on Friday. She stated that she was giving the speech in front of the group because she was gay, announced Page, age 26, to the audience. She added that she hoped she could help others possibly have an easier time in coming out. She said she was tired of hiding.

She also stated that she hoped she would be able to make some sort of difference and to be able to possibly help other individuals have an easier time with more hope in their lives. Regardless, for her, she explained that she felt like she has a personal responsibility and a social concern. In making a difference, she feels that by revealing she is gay is the first step in doing such a step.

The actress chose to came out as a homosexual female during when she was giving a personal speech at a conference which to being held to encourage the well being of LGBT young people that was being held at a hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Page told the crowd that she was there because she was gay. The star of the movie Juno also shared how she had faced a deep mental inner battle because she was also in the spotlight in Hollywood. She explained how things were strange because even though she was standing there as an actress, representing, at least in some kind of sense, an industry that puts devastating standards on all actors. Not only on the young people in the business, but everyone that is in it. There are certain standards of beauty, of what is considered a good life, what is considered success. Pages declared that those set of standards had, even though she hated to admit it, had even affected her.

She admitted that there were ideas put inside a person’s head, thoughts that one might never have experienced before, that tell a person how he or she should act, how the person needs to dress and who the person must be. She stated that she had been trying hard to push back against the Hollywood establishment, to be authentic and to follow her own heart, but that it could be extremely hard it can be hard.

After Page gave her very stirring speech, she got on Twitter and sent out a tweet which thanked numerous individuals for all the love and support they had given her. Her next movie premiere will be when she is one of the stars in the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past. It should be coming out sometime in the early summer and will probably be another hit for the young star.

Ellen Page has shown a strength that is to be admired and she is amazing because she has decided to come out, and she announced the fact that she was gay in a speech she gave in Las Vegas on Friday.

By Kimberly Ruble


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