Amanda Seyfried To Play Lead in ‘Ted 2’


Amanda Seyfried has been cast to play the female lead in Ted 2, the sequel to the 2012 Seth McFarlane-directed blockbuster that grossed $218.8 million in the American box office and over $500 million globally. Mark Wahlberg is also set to be back as lovable John Bennett in the film about a man and his foul-mouthed talking teddy bear.

The casting does not mean, however, that lead actress Mila Kunis will not be a part of the sequel. All signs are pointing to Kunis getting a small role in the sequel. There’s also the fact that the two of them have long been close friends and still continue to work together on the long-running Fox series Family Guy. So, it’s hard for me to see that this change was viewed as anything other than a simple business decision.

It could prove to be a tricky wire to cross, however, given the way that the first film ended with the marriage of John and Kunis’ character,  longtime girlfriend Lori. It was set up in the kind of way that made it feel to the viewer like it really was the end of the story. But there is no guarantee that their marriage would have survived as most marriages are wont to do. It’s also entirely possible that Seyfried’s character in the sequel has no connection to Wahlberg’s John at all. At this point, McFarlane is still piecing together the rest of his cast. One that could prove to be just as interesting as today’s casting.

As for the actress herself, she certainly has the chops to do well in the role. She has done dark comedy before with 2009’s much maligned film from Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s Body. Ms. Seyfried’s best known role to date was as the ditzy Karen Smith in 2006’s Mean Girls. Of course, past film work does not necessarily dictate future success or failure for an actress in a role. But it can give a read as to what the future may hold. In this case, it may lead to a lot of comedic work in her future.

There is this May’s A Million Ways to Die in the West that Seyfried is set to be in. There’s also He’s F*****g Perfect that she signed on to a short while ago with Australian comedian Rebel Wilson. Two films that hold a similar type of dark and subversive bent that she displayed on Jennifer’s Body and with Mean Girls. At this point, all that can be done is guesswork and speculation. Whether it can translate very well on to the silver screen will only be seen once the film starts shooting and the trailer comes out.

She will next be seen before her lead in Ted 2 in the aforementioned A Million Ways to Die in the West, which is also directed by McFarlane, that is slated to come out in late May. It will also mark the third time that Seyfried has worked with the famed actor/director/writer/producer. She did a guest voice in 2008 as Amy on one of his Fox animated series American Dad.

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