Amazon Acquires Developers Behind Killer Instinct Double Helix Games

Double Helix Games (developers behind Killer Instinct) Acquired by Amazon

Double Helix Games (developers behind Killer Instinct) Acquired by Amazon

The future of  Double Helix Games has changed as Amazon acquires the developers as their own. The team is responsible for working with Microsoft on the new reboot of Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. In a statement to Polygon, Amazon declared, “Amazon has acquired Double Helix as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers.” This action seems to come as a commitment to video games and their customers. This acquisition has been confirmed by both Amazon and Double Helix Games.

Double Helix Games was founded in 2007 when two different companies, Shiny Entertainment and The Collective merged into one. Double Helix Games worked with Microsoft on the revivial of the classic fighter Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. In the past they also worked on such titles as Silent Hill: Homecoming and Front Mission Evolved. The newest title Double Helix Games plans to release is actually launching in less than two weeks. The collaboration between Double Helix Games and Capcom has brought new life into an older, slightly forgotten series, Strider. The reboot of Strider will launch February 19.

Double Helix Games Strider set to release February 19

The big question that arises from this whole situation is what will happen to the future of Killer Instinct? Ordinarily, when a game is released it might receive a patch or some downloadable content but Killer Instinct had a much different plan. When it launched, Killer Instinct had six playable characters, (a relatively low amount for a fighter) but Double Helix Games has been continuing to make new characters and had intentions of an entire “second season” of characters in the future. On January 31 Spinal joined the roster of characters with Fulgore being the next arriving challenger.

Amazon likely wants to scoop up Double Helix Games for their future planned Android-powered game and entertainment system. Not much is known about the project other than it is planned to cost less than $300 when it comes out and it is said to have the capability to stream or download a number of different things including not only games, but also movies, music, and TV content. When asked about the matter Microsoft declined to reveal any specifics about the upcoming project.

According to Microsoft a “new development partner” will be joining to continue work on Killer Instinct. They have not announced who this new partner will be but they have commented on their time with Double Helix in a positive manner. They have also said that the “Killer Instinct team at Microsoft is not changing and that the franchise will remain with Microsoft Studios.”

The path of Double Helix Games has changed with the help of Amazon acquiring the developing team. Microsoft has intentions to continue work on Killer Instinct but it is not entirely known what the Double Helix team will be working on next. With Microsoft continuing work on Killer Instinct is seems as though Fulgore (the next character to be released) as well as the second season of characters still have a future in the works.

By Garrett Jutte

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