Anderson Silva Could Make Year End Return to UFC

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It has been a remarkable comeback after many had thought they had seen one of the greatest of all time for the last time step foot in a cage, but Anderson Silva is hell-bent on making his return. According to his boss Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president, Dana White, it could be as soon as the end of the year. Almost exactly one year after he suffered the gruesome injury during his re match against middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. Anderson suffered one of the most horrific injuries ever seen in the octagon, breaking both his fibula and tibia when Weidman checked Silva’s leg kick during the second round of their title fight. Anderson was transported to a nearby hospital to have surgery immediately, and now has a steel rod permanently placed in his left leg.

SilvaMuch speculation has surfaced whether or not Anderson would make a return from this injury, given his age and back to back losses suffered at the hands of one opponent. Silva’s actions have shown he eagerly awaits his return to the cage; updating his social media links with updates such as videos of him walking on the treadmill, slowly coming down a set of stairs without any assistance, practically showing his loyal fans he is making progress at a rapid pace. Dana White spoke to a few reporters after his recent pay-per-view card on Saturday about Silva’s progress, and the president seemed quite excited to share his news. Anderson’s doctor had shown the UFC president an updated look in on Anderson’s bone growth, telling him that the former champion has had more bone growth in his leg two months after surgery, than regular people do sometimes after two or so years. Then proceed to tell Dana White that he thinks Silva could return back to fighting by the end of this year. The UFC co-owner, Lorenzo Fertitta, and White plan on making a visit to the former Champion’s home in Los Angeles; hopefully to see if they can get an update from the 39-year-old himself on his future with the UFC.

Anderson Silva had been considered the best in the UFC, the greatest pound for pound fighter to have ever stepped foot inside an octagon. He dominated the middleweight division for seven years while setting multiple records in the UFC for most title defenses (11), and most consecutive wins in the organization (16). There are many questions to be answered as to where Silva may fit in the title picture if he decides to return. With back to back losses to the current champion, he may have to take a fight or two before moving his way up the ladder for another re match with Chris Weidman. For his sake it may be a good idea to test his movement and confidence in some of the lower tier fighters in the division. No matter the case, Silva will always be welcomed with open arms by the organization. With all that ‘The Spider’ has done for the UFC, its only fair to allow one of the greatest ever another chance to show he is still one of the best to ever grace the octagon with his presence.

By Justin Huffman


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