Ball Bearing Plant Explosion Injures Several Workers

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A ball bearing plant explosion in Peterborough, New Hampshire was reportedly the cause of several worker injuries, but many are wondering how an explosion at a facility like this injures its victims.

According to the Monadnock Ledger Transcript, that information has not been released by hospital officials, although it was reported that the plant’s spokesperson said that the injuries were non life threatening. The plant was located in New Hampshire and some of the victims were transported to a hospital in Monadnock, but two were reportedly transported to another hospital via helicopter.

The explosion took place at New Hampshire Ball Bearings (NHBB) Monday afternoon. Reports indicate that fire emergency crews were alerted around 4 p.m. There may not have been a fire at the scene according to local news reports in Peterborough, but windows were reportedly blown out and there was extensive damage to the interior and exterior of the building.

Officials reportedly took hazardous chemical cleanup precautions because they believed that was likely the source of the explosion at the ball bearing plant. The Washington Post reported that the plant will not be reopened until after the hazardous materials inspection team has finished its job, which is an undetermined amount of time at this point. The ball bearing plant has a staff of around 700 and builds parts for the aerospace industry according to reports.

The ball bearing plant explosion was no ordinary proposition for firefighters on scene, but they had some knowledge of the facility and the dangers present according to the New Hampshire Union Leader, which reported that shrapnel could injure them in a secondary explosion just as several workers were.

The factory also manufactures parts for the medical, defense and other technical industries, according to reports. The firefighters had reportedly toured the facility in the past and they knew what kind of potential hazards there could be in the place. A special team assembled from the New Hampshire city of Keene came in to handle the dangerous materials at the site, the Union Leader reported Monday.

None of the firefighters were injured after responding to the incident according to media sources. Aware of how dangerous situations in these circumstances, they relied on specialized training to carefully navigate the area.

All employees were accounted for according to the Post report, and the Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, said she was glad to hear it. She also said that state emergency services were keeping their eyes and ears open to the situation for support.

The Peterborough Fire Department’s spokesperson, Eric Bowman told the Ledger Transcript that he doesn’t believe the fire to be an act of arson but the fire marshal will have to ultimately make that determination. An investigation into the matter will take place to find out what the cause of the blast was, reports state.

The ball bearing plant explosion that injured several of the facility’s workers was an ordeal for employees who were working at the time, but they were evacuated from the premises to avoid any further calamity.

By Rob Lawson


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