Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Starring Role on Sesame Street [Video]

Benedict CumberbatchIt really is a case of apples and oranges when that super-sleuth British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, plays a starring role on the latest episode of Sesame Street.

In his role as Sherlock in the popular TV series of the same name, Cumberbatch faces many serious challenges, and for the most part solves the mystery and gets the man.  This week, however, he had a challenge of a far more fruity nature, as he starred on the popular children’s TV show, Sesame Street.

Murray the Monster, who renamed himself “Murray-arty” for the episode, was excited to have Cumberbatch on the show.  Of course, his change of name is a reference to Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ famous villain, or in Murray’s mind his “arch nemesis.”

In the video, he insists on calling Cumberbatch “Sherlock”, to which Cumberbatch insists that his name is Benedict.  From then on, he is known to Murray as “Benedict Sherlock.”

Murray then decides to lay a difficult brain challenge in front of the actor.  He places some oranges and applies in front of Benedict Cumberbatch and asks him to tell him which fruit is more in evidence on the table, than the other.

Naturally, as this is a difficult challenge indeed and involves counting, Cumberbatch enlists the aid of a “count”, i.e. Count Von Count.  The duo then easily solve the fruity brain tease and tell Murray there are more apples than oranges.  See for yourself:

While Benedict Cumberbatch plays the starring role in Sesame Street, which was all basically a little bit of nonsense and fun, fans in the US are happy to have finally been treated to the final episode of the BBC drama series, Sherlock on Sunday night.  While the episode, His Last Vow was aired in the UK nearly a month ago, it has apparently only now reached the other side of the ocean.

To show how popular the series is in the US, even though this final episode of season three was aired on Super Bowl night, apparently a goodly number of fans still tuned in.  They had to.  How could they miss seeing the Sherlock character very nearly killed by John Watson’s wife, Mary, who was,  apparently, an undercover assassin?

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Sherlock Holmes

This particular episode caused an uproar among fans in the UK when it aired and it turns out now it is the turn of US fans to collectively draw in their breath in horror.

Cumberbatch has, of course, done far more than play Sherlock Holmes, or feature in a cameo spot on Sesame Street.

Some of his most well-known roles have been the part of Stephen Hawking in the film Hawking (2004) and Victor Frankenstein and his horrific creation in the stage adaptation of Frankenstein (2011).  Most recently he appeared playing the part of Julian Assange in the film The Fifth Estate (2013), which was based loosely on the activities of WikiLeaks.

Cumberbatch has received two Emmy Award nominations, four BAFTA nominations, an Olivier award, two SAG Award nominations and also a Golden Globe nomination, among others.

However, Benedict Cumberbatch has now had his most crowning achievement ever as he plays a starring role on Sesame Street.

By Anne Sewell




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