Bradley Cooper Going Commando and Crazy Town Tight (Video)

Bradley Cooper Going Commando and Crazy Town Tight (Video)

On the February 17 Ellen Degeneres talk show Bradley Cooper revealed that when he went to the White House, he had to go commando because his tuxedo was “crazy town tight.” The 39 year-old actor was recounting his, almost, disastrous trip to a State Dinner in the country’s capital on February 11, this year. The American Hustle star was due to meet President Obama and he told Ellen that before going to Washington D.C. that he’d decided to wear the same tux he’d donned for the Golden Globe ceremony. A video of Cooper telling Ellen and her audience the tale of the tight tuxedo is in a video below.

Unfortunately, Cooper forgot that he had put on roughly 15 pounds getting ready for a new film role. The actor realized after packing the suit that he was too large for the tuxedo to fit properly. He knew he was in trouble when the trousers only came up to the top of his thighs. The Silver Linings Playbook star explained that he was beefing up the new film role and has he did not have time to get changed, or to get another outfit, he opted to attend the governmental function sans underwear. Bradley had been invited to the White House event which was being held for French President Francois Hollande and he attended the dinner with British model and actress Suki Waterhouse.

Bradley went on to explain that even without underwear it was practically impossible to stand up. He then mimed himself sitting and “half-standing” to meet various dignitaries; rising knees bent and extending his hand saying “Hello Mr Secretary…” His performance amused not only Ellen but the audience as well. He then went on to talk of his discomfort at having to walk up stairs. As Bradley put it, “it was a nightmare.” Ellen asked Cooper just how tight his trousers really were and he responded “Crazy town tight.” It was this reason he opted to go commando for the evening.

The Hollywood hunk had gained the weight to take on the role of U.S. soldier Chris Kyle in the film American Sniper. Cooper revealed that this time he really did gain weight for the role and had not just let himself go. Apparently Cooper pulled off his latest visit to the White House without anyone noticing his “discomfort.” The Feb. 11 trip to meet the president was Bradley’s second sojourn to the capitol for “official” business. Last year, the actor went to Washington D.C. to talk mental health issues in America. The 2013 trip came about after his performance in the film Silver Linings Playbook in which the film’s main protagonists suffered from mental health problems.

Crazy town seemed to be Bradley’s “phrase of the day” as he used the term at the beginning of his chat to Ellen and then later used it in the description of his tuxedo saying it was “crazy town tight.” After realizing he’d said it twice, Bradley remarked on the fact and, gracious host that she is, DeGeneres replied that even though the term was outdated, Cooper’s use of the phrase would bring it back. No one from the White House seems to have noticed that the star’s trousers were that tight or that he was going commando. The president has definitely not made an issue of it nor has Cooper’s date for the evening Ms Waterhouse. You can see the star telling Ellen his story on the video below.

By Michael Smith