Breast Cancer Could Be Linked to Paxil

Breast CancerIt seems to be a world where everything causes cancer, and now breast cancer could be linked to the antidepressant Paxil. The news comes after a recent series of tests by Duarte’s City of Hope.

Researchers developed a test that will quickly spot any chemicals and drugs that are linked to the disruption of the sex hormone balance. This disruption has been linked to various diseases progressing, including cancer of the breast. One of the drugs that was singled out from the 446 tested was Paxil, also called paroxetine. It weakens the effect of estrogen in the body, which then leads to the growth of tumors.

This is considered a major breakthrough due to the number of breast cancer patients who are treated for depression. Almost a quart of patients are also treated for the mental health disorder. Most of the time, depression is treated through various selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressents, and Paxil is just one of them. A quarter of women between 40 and 60 in the United States are also suffering from depression and mostly taking SSRIs to combat it.

That is not the only problem. Low dosages of paroxetine is included in Brisdelle, a commericla product to help with menopausal symptoms. While it is non-hormonal and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it could be a sign that it is not quite safe.

This current link between Paxil and breast cancer could confirm the suspicions that many people have had. It is also supported by a study from 2010 in Canada, which found that those who took the antidepressant were more likely to die of cancer of the breast compared to any other antidepressant available.

Cancer studies are ongoing as researchers try to find a permanent cure. Baptist Cancer Institute is currently looking to start a new human trial, which will help women during the final stage of the cancer. The research team is looking for any women who are currently struggling with stage 4 breast cancer and have found treatments have not helped.

This new trial will involve the use of a new vaccine that has been developed. It is just one of many other vaccines that have recently been created, and medical director Dr. Troy Guthrie hopes that it will help with the creation of a permanent vaccine in around 15 years time.

Guthrie explained that the new trial is nothing like ones in the past. It does not require patients to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Women will try a form of immunotherapy to treat their cancer.

Another study has also shown that a change in lifestyle can help prevent cancer. American Cancer Society chief medical officer Otis Brawley noted that poor physical activity, a bad diet and being overweight are all found in up to a third of all cases of cancer. However, there are genetics involved, especially when it comes to the likes of breast tumors and cancer. It appears that medication could also be an issue, especially since the new link between breast cancer and Paxil thanks to this new testing.

By Alexandria Ingham

Los Angeles Times

Washington Post

First Coast News

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