Brooke Burke Charvet Being Replaced by Erin Andrews

Brooke Burke CharvetDancing With the Stars co-host Brooke Burke Charvet will be replaced by Erin Andrews. The news comes just days after ABC decided to drop the star from her presenting spot. According to E! Online she didn’t know that she was going to be losing her job.

Burke Charvet has presented the popular dancing show for the last seven years with co-host Tom Bergerson. Bergerson will remain on the show when it returns for its 18th season on March 17.

The 42-year-old took to Twitter to express her gratitude to her fans. She is extremely positive about the change, and understands that it has to happen now and again. After winning the show in season seven, she then took over Samantha Harris’ spot as the female presenter for the show three years later.

Burke Charvet won season seven with her ballroom partner, Derek Hough. The professional dancer won again last season with new partner, Glee star Amber Riley.

The Wild Ons star is not the only person leaving the show this year. Dancing With the Stars will also lose its 28-piece live band, directed by Harold Wheeler. According to Conrad Green, executive producer for the show, it is very difficult to get a live band like that to perform the modern-day tracks as well as they should. Instead of forcing a band like that to conform to the modern-day music, a change was necessary.

Andrews will replace Burke Charvet on Dancing With the Stars. Andrews has appeared on the show in the past, after being partnered with Maksim Chmerkovisky. Indecently, this was during the same season that her predecessor first started presenting the show. Andrews leaves her Fox Sports position to co-present the dancing show.

The now former presenter did take to Twitter shortly after her initial gratitude tweet to joke about being fired. She explained that the band and herself had been in talks to start their own road show and ABC fired them for that. She did come back online to say that she was kidding about that, and it was just her sense of humor.

The network has been criticized for its decision to let the 28-piece band go. Wheeler and his band were professional and performed exceptionally well since the first season of the show. Ray Hair, president of the American Federation of Music, explained that the sound was something nobody else could create and would never be recreated in a recording studio. The band has “catapulted the show into the top 10 in 17 countries.”

The aim of replacing the band will be to appeal to the younger people watching the show. The music will be recorded, with a small electrical band available. Hair believes this will have the opposite effect of what Green wants by killing the show off.

The first episode of season 18 will air on March 17. It will continue its one-night format. It used to air over two nights but that was dropped last year. Burke Charvet will no longer be a part of the Dancing With the Stars presenting team, and will be replaced by former contestant Andrews.

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