Buried by Kate Watterson (Book Review)

Buried by Kate Watterson (Book Review)

Buried is the latest thrilling book in Kate Watterson’s Detective Ellie MacIntosh series of novels. The first two were Frozen and Charred.In Buried, Detective MacIntosh faces two cases, which may or may not be related. The first of the two cases involves one or more cop killers, and the second one is about a corpse “a kid fishing on the lake” finds partially buried in a shallow grave on her grandfather’s land, the body revealed by a recent storm.

Why is it, Ellie wonders, that her grandfather doesn’t act more surprised by the grisly discovery? Why is it that he called her, rather than the local police? Is her grandfather lying to Ellie when she asks him if he knows who the dead person might be, and he answers her “I can’t say that I do,” and, if he’s lying, why?  Buried by Kate Watterson (Book Review)

Buried goes back-and-forth between the two cases, spending one or more chapters on each. Though the one involving the dead body on her grandfather’s land is about a person who died possibly several decades ago, Detective Elie MacIntosh can’t help but wonder if the cases might be related.

Detective Elie works with her temporary partner, Lt. Carl Grasso, while Jason Santiago, her former partner, is on medical leave due to gunshot wounds he suffered in solving their last case, detailed in Charred. Also, she is attempting to juggle a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Dr. Bryce Grantham, which is not an easy thing to do, when you’re a dedicated cop married to your job, like MacIntosh.

The first policeman who gets killed is at his house with his family. Fielding is shot execution style, but his wife and son were not shot. At first, it seemed to be an organized crime hit; but, then, the second cop, Chad Brown, was shot in broad daylight, on Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee, making some cops on the force consider the possibility that a erial cop killer was responsible for killing both of the policemen. However, there doesn’t seem to be much linking the two deaths, other than that the officers were friends.

Could it be that the two policemen who were shot were dirty cops, or possibly that they came across information about drug-related crimes which someone would rather be kept a secret? Detective Ellie MacIntosh and Lt. Grasso begin to question who on the police force can be trusted.

Kate Watterson has also published novels using the pseudonyms of both Katherine Smith and Emma Wildes. She has written more than thirty published books, and has been nominated for the Eppie multiple times. Kate won one Eppie (2007) for best historical erotic novel, and she has a RWA Lories win, WisRWA 2005 final for best historical romance, and she was also a nominee for the CAPA. Kate Watterson loves to write in and read novels in the suspense genre, and she also loves to write erotic novels and stories.

Buried by Kate Watterson is an edge-of-your-seat, page-turning read that will have you reading late into the night to finish it. Though it’s the third book in the series, it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. There are plenty of chilling moments and twists and turns to satisfy the most ardent thriller junkie out there. Check out Buried and Kate Watterson’s other books today!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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