Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

*May Contain Spoilers*

Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

After two hotel cleaning ladies discover a dead man in room 147, Castle and Beckett get involved and soon find out that, in terms of murder, three is company and four is murder. The victim in the hotel room has a gunshot wound in his chest and he is laying on the floor next to a fallen chair and a bottle of water. Before the two lovers get involved in this latest case they are in bed at Castle’s abode; he and Kate wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Going into the living room, Kate and Richard, along with Alexis, get the fright of their lives when Castle’s daughter comes up from behind the kitchen counter. After getting their pulses back to normal, Alexus explains that she crashed at her dad’s apartment and after her explanation, Castle reminds Alexis that she can move back anytime she wants since she and Pi are no longer together. She thanks him for the offer, but, turns him down saying that there are other things involved which keeps her from accepting; her lease being one.

On their way to investigate the murder at room 147, Richard and Kate discuss Alexis and the crime writer decides there must be some other reason that his daughter does not want to move back home. Kate looks troubled and Esposito comes up to tell the two about the victim in the hotel room. After being briefed on the crime scene and Beckett runs through what appeared to happen, Ryan comes in and says the desk clerk who checked in the victim, one Justin Marquette, is downstairs. They all go down and speak to the woman and while looking at surveillance footage discover that a cell phone discovered on Justin’s body is not the phone he came in with.

Heading back to the station, they find out that the late Marquette was an actor who was in an “off, off, off Broadway” show. Talking to the dead man’s girlfriend and fellow actors reveals a woman who threatened the actor two days prior to his death. Tracking the woman down she is taken in for questioning and confesses to Beckett in “11 seconds” which Castle says is Kate’s personal best. The woman, Anita Miller, says that she killed Marquette and while writing down her confession, Esposito comes in and reveals that Miller could not have killed the actor. Captain Gates tells Beckett find out what is going on. Later, when questioning Miller, it turns out that the “killer” has very a very hazy recollection of why she would kill Marquette, yet is able to describe the crime scene perfectly.

While Castle and the team are discussing the case of room 147, the writer confesses he has no theory as to what really happened. Ryan and Esposito search Miller’s house and find that the last two weeks from the suspect’s diary are missing. After a psych evaluation, it is determined that Miller is telling the truth, she did murder Marquette, but, the facts do not match up. While Kate and Richard discuss not only the case but Alexis not moving in, another person has come to the police station to confess to the actor’s murder. Before the case is solved, Castle and Beckett find out that three may be company, but, four is murder as the suspects who confess to the murder mount up.

Before the end credits roll, the mystery is finally solved and the multiple suspects, who all confessed, or wanted to in one case, are innocent and that all three have a mutual connection. At least two of the people who confessed to the crime share blurred or hazy memories of the last two weeks leading up to the murder. Before the mystery was solved, Beckett decided that both of the first two suspects were working together. Both the confessors denied knowing one another and Castle expanded on his newest theory. In the middle of Rick’s dissertation Kate receives a text which she says is not important. Then a third person comes in to confess to Marquette’s murder. Castle is overjoyed that this case has now gotten even stranger.

Castle and Kate must put all the increasing pieces of this murder mystery together and find the killer. Rick and Kate, are concerned about Alexis’s refusing to move back home and by the time the end credits roll, both problems have been resolved. As amazing as it may seem, after six seasons and a lot of episodes, Castle continues to entertain and the characters all keep growing and evolving. The end of each program, apart from the two-parter “to-be-continued” episodes, ends on a familial note and it is a strong viewer indeed who does not shed a tear or two at the loving relationship between Richard and the three ladies in his life. Each episode also concludes with the audience being reminded that, in terms of excitement, Castle is still a big kid who loves what he does and his family. Apart from the “borrowed” line about the “love haze” and if viewers can watch the scene between Kate and Alexis and not think of Buffy Summers and the “love makes you do the wacky” speech from Some Assembly Required they should check out the Joss Whedon series – who, incidentally, has used Fillion quite a number of times – and brush up on the vampire slayer’s repeat episodes.

Lack of originality charges aside, Castle Room 147 continues the tradition of keeping things interesting and proving that in this episode three is company – in the crime department as well as the family one – and that four is murder. Performances from all are of course spot on and one actor needs to be pointed out. Jon Getz, who plays possible suspect Dr. Gustavo Bauer, sounds like a verbal double of the late actor John Forsythe – who voiced Charlie in Charlie’s Angels – if a studio ever decides to recreate this seventies action series they should look no further than Getz to play Charlie. Until then, the series of Castle will hopefully be brought back for another season whether the writer and Beckett get married before the end of season six or not.

By Michael Smith



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