Charlie Sheen, Brett Rossi to Have Prenuptial Agreement


If Charlie Sheen’s engagement to girlfriend Brett Rossi provoked happy gasps all over the internet, his decision to have a prenuptial agreement with Rossi has raised a lot of eyebrows. Sources speaking to RadarOnline have said that Sheen is taking measures to protect his considerable fortune, “just in case.”

The former Two and a Half Men star made headlines when he proposed to former porn star Rossi on Saturday in Hawaii. The wedding, when it takes place, will be Sheen’s fourth time down the aisle. The agreement, which will safeguard his multimillion dollar assets, will be drawn up before Sheen weds the 24-year Rossi. There are no updates yet about the wedding date and neither are there any pictures of the wedding ring.

The prenup, while being very generous to Rossi, will keep her hands away from Sheen’s finances. The Anger Management star’s assets continue to grow thanks to the royalties he gets through his former super hit show, Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen’s estimated net worth of $125 million is likely to go up once his FX show, Anger Management, enters syndication. The prenup is only a “formality” as far as Sheen is concerned and apparently he doesn’t even really believe he needs to draw one up with Rossi, who he referred to as his soul mate.

This, however, isn’t the first time that Charlie Sheen has drawn up a prenup:  In his prenup with third wife Brooke Mueller, Sheen takes home 12 percent of the adjusted gross income coming in from his former CBS show. The show is worth an estimated $75 million. But Mueller gave up her right to claim a percent from Sheen’s royalties.

Specifically, in his prenup with Mueller, she received a marriage signing bonus of $500,000; $300,000 for each year in their short-lived marriage; $2.35 million as a one time cash payout in return for her share in the Beverly Hills mansion she had with Sheen; and $100,000 as relocation fees. Mueller signed away rights to spousal support, but she did get $55,000 as child support until she lost a bitter custody battle for the four-year old twins Max and Bob in 2013. Summing up, the troubled socialite took home $3.5 million from her broken marriage to Sheen which lasted barely three years.

Before Mueller and before all the coffers began overflowing inside the Sheen financial empire, he is believed to have refused to draw up a prenup with his second wife, Denise Richards. At that time there wasn’t any need since he knew he just didn’t have a lot of money. The money from royalties began coming in only after the marriage ended.

Sources close to Sheen think the agreement will be more lenient to Brett Rossi than it was with Mueller. Besides, Rossi was gifted a brand new Mercedes before Christmas last year and can use any of Sheen’s credit cards. In fact, Sheen may also be paying the legal fees on Rossi’s behalf, while their lawyers work out the prenup.

But for Charlie Sheen, having a prenuptial agreement with fiancée Brett Rossi is just a formality because he doesn’t think she is after his money. It was different this time.

By Aruna Iyer